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knowledge is powerAh! it is Friday again and I am sure all of you are gearing up for a fun filled weekend – but before you hit hard the nearest pub I will like to share some interesting posts. I am sure these articles will enhance your knowledge. So squeeze in few minutes during this weekend to go over these articles – which I am sure you will really appreciate. Simply click on the post title or the ‘Click Here’ text link. Have a blast!

What happens when community participants start acting like researchers?

There will always be a gap between what a consumer is sharing and how a researcher understands it. This disparity is created by a gap in culture, generation or objective knowledge. These different gaps make it difficult for a researcher to put things in the right perspective. But consumers can help us out. By becoming our co-researchers, they complement the researcher’s tasks and help to find more and new insights that would otherwise not have been captured. Customers feel empowered and honored when they are asked to become co-researchers.

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The Future of Retail Includes Showrooming

In my former life as a music retail manager, I experienced the first taste of the phenomenon that we now know as showrooming. Kids would visit the specialist dance music store to sample cutting edge music they had heard DJs playing on the weekend. Then they would go and download it from Napster. Since then iTunes has changed music retail forever and the increase in Smartphone adoption is reshaping retail as we know it. Ask any retail clerk or just check out all of the dedicated apps available and it should come as no surprise that the future of retail includes showrooming.

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Brand Innovation: The Best Category Killer

A recent Wall Street Journal headline stopped me in my tracks: “Is Innovation Killing the Soap Business?” When I put this story down, I was even more confounded. Could it really be that doing right by consumers was causing such consternation among laundry detergent manufacturers? Apparently so, but only because there seems to be a misunderstanding about innovation.

The complaint is that Procter & Gamble (P&G) changed consumer usage behavior for the worse with its innovative Tide Pods product. Each Pod is a so-called “unit dose” capsule, or a premeasured amount of detergent per load. By eliminating the need to pour, consumers don’t have the opportunity to pour too much or over-use detergent. The result is a lower volume of consumption and a decline in category dollar sales.

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The Insight Innovation Challenge: Defining The Unmet Needs Of Clients

We’ve been talking to a lot of clients that have told us that they have critical business issues that they can’t adequately address because they can’t find supplier partners that have the right solutions. We get that; it’s their job to create business impact, not scout through thousands of companies that might or might not be able to help them. The insight space is changing fast and becoming increasingly fragmented for a lot of reasons, and it’s tough to cut through the clutter and figure out who’s doing what.

Many of the solutions clients are looking for don’t even come from the research supplier community; other sectors are far ahead in the innovation curve and are developing solutions that they often don’t even think of as meeting research needs, but certainly can be applied in that way. Regular readers of this blog won’t find it difficult to find many examples; we try hard to cover them here.

We think we have a solution to this issue. We call it the Insight Innovation Challenge.

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Eight Leadership Lessons From The World’s Most Powerful Women

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking at The Innovation Enterprises’ 2013 Women in Strategy Summit, which brings together 75 high-level women in marketing and strategy, about the leadership secrets of the world’s most powerful women. With women comprising just 4% of corporate CEOs, 14% of executive officers and 20% of America’s government officials, we’re facing a persistent leadership gap at the highest echelons. To move forward, we must first take stock of what is working. The following eight leadership lessons, synthesized and updated from a keynote I gave last year, come directly from the women who know what it takes to get to the top.

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