Are you pulling or pushing clients?

client is godLet us be honest here with each other – we all want money and to get that we offer products/services which has to be bought by an entity called ‘client’ – in a scenario where we cannot find enough clients to sustain our production/delivery costs we are in BIG trouble. So but naturally every action we undertake is to get as many clients as possible on board – the more the merrier. But somewhere in this entire endeavor we forget something very basic yet very critical – your client is after all a human being not a target practice board! The way you want to be treated humanly – your client too expects the same. This article illustrates as to why you are all wrong in your approach towards your clients.

Like we discussed above – to earn money you need clients and lots of them so you prepare your troops (sales team) to venture into the market and ‘kidnap’ potential looking clients and dump them into the dungeon (sales funnel) – not checking at least once as to whether 1) the client has potential 2) willing to do business. But then ‘who cares’ as sales cycles is just all about closing deals.

Let me give you a reality check – the more un-salesman like you act the more sales you will close.

But how’s that possible? We have been religiously following the traditional school of thought as to how sales needs to be done and it has served its purpose

Well it is very simple – times have changed… No longer the clients are at the mercy of few options – with open market opportunities there are plethora of options readily available for clients – so in order to get client’s attention everyone is screaming their ‘me too’ services – in such a dark scenario do you really believe that your vocal chords are the best and that you can shout louder than others?

Think hard for a moment –

If you can send an introduction mail – so can others.

If you can make a cold call – so can others.

If you can visit a client in person – so can others.

If you can offer discount – so can others.

For every I can offer ‘fill in the blanks’ – so can other vendors.

Well it seems no way out for new players but there is a ray of hope for you.

There is an old saying in India – you can steal the money but not the knowledge as how to make it.

So that is exactly what you all have to do – use your knowledge of the business to pull your clients towards you.

If you don’t believe me you can keep on trying the traditional push the client techniques but in vain.

Be a Pied Piper of Hamelin and attract all the potential clients by the sweet music of your ‘how can I make your life easier‘.

In case you want to know how to pull your clients by your knowledge simply drop a mail at (neither do I charge you for advice nor do I bite).

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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