Managing large scale fieldwork using mobile in India: what are the challenges & key success factors?

aakash bhasinThe recently concluded MRMW Asia conference brought together industry’s greatest minds from the region to discuss the challenges and opportunities of mobile research for delivering actionable insights. The event was held on January 30-31 in Kuala Lumpur and over 155+ delegates from client-side, agency-side and technology firms attended the event. I am really excited to share with you an insightful presentation by Aakash Bhasin, Vice President Client Services, Market Xcel.

Please click on the video below to see the complete presentation as well as go through the interview with Aakash about his experiences at MRMW Asia conference.

About the speaker

Aakash Bhasin

Aakash Bhasin

Aakash currently is the Vice President – Client Services where he is responsible for developing and building new customer base and nurturing business with the current clients.

In addition, he manages a team that works directly with the clients to execute large, multi-mode and multi-country projects.

Overall, Aakash has more than 12 years of experience in the Indian and global market research industry.

He has played a pivotal role in developing the current online research business (Xcel-Online Surveys) and has been working for over a year now to change the way data collection is done in India by adopting technology organization-wide and minimizing paper based data collection approach.

Aakash earned his Honours degree in Business Economics from the University of Delhi and is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Application from IGNOU, New Delhi.

Interview with Aakash Bhasin

Akshay Kanyal: How was your overall experience at MRMW Asia?

Aakash Bhasin: The experience was great. I got to know what is happening with mobile research across the globe and how everyone is thinking about its growth and other aspects. It also gave us idea about where do we want to move from where we are currently positioned. We are offering mobile research services to our clients currently, but that is majorly interviewer assisted.

Akshay Kanyal: Can you briefly summarize your presentation in 100-200 words?

Aakash Bhasin: The presentation talked about the inherent challenges of research in India and what we tried to do to overcome many of these challenges. We looked at perspective as to how mobile can work in the hands of interviewers rather than being in the hands of the respondents. We talked about the challenges of data quality & validation, team management & data control and overall technology & infrastructure and how we tried to overcome them

Akshay Kanyal: Apart from yours – which other presentation was an eye opener for you?

Aakash Bhasin: Couple of presentations/sessions which were good were –

a.       Keynote Presentation by Jitendra Papneja of Mondelez International

b.      Consumer’s mobile experience by Jasmeet Sethi of Ericsson

c.       Interactive Panel Day 2

Akshay Kanyal: How has MRMW Asia conference increased your knowledge about the Mobile research domain?

Aakash Bhasin: It gave us insight about how effectively mobile can be used to gather data using quantitative as well as qualitative approach. One thing which came out of all the discussions was that at this point it is tough to use mobile in isolation. It was observed that it was used in conjunction with other research methods.

Akshay Kanyal: Any suggestion for the organisation committee of MRMW Conferences?

Aakash Bhasin: I felt everything was great. The number of people attending the conference was ideal and so was the set-up. I felt that the committee tried to set-up everything at one place – this was the best thing.

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