Mobile Consumer Experience Matters – Presented by Jasmeet Sethi, Regional Head Consumer Insights, Ericsson

Jasmeet SethiThe recently concluded MRMW Asia conference brought together industry’s greatest minds from the region to discuss the challenges and opportunities of mobile research for delivering actionable insights. The event was held on January 30-31 in Kuala Lumpur and over 155+ delegates from client-side, agency-side and technology firms attended the event. I am really excited to share with you an insightful presentation by Jasmeet Sethi, Regional Head Consumer Insights, Ericsson. Please click on the video below to see the complete presentation as well as go through the interview with Jasmeet about his experiences at MRMW Asia conference.

About the speaker

Jasmeet Sethi

Jasmeet Sethi

Jasmeet Sethi has over 10 years experience in consumer research and is responsible for building regional intelligence on emerging market consumers within Ericsson by providing actionable consumer insights to support marketing, product management, strategy and innovation functions.

He was the first to introduce mobile research within Ericsson globally by launching the first consumer experience study starting with emerging market.

His experience spans a wide variety of industries including telecom, management consulting, and financial services. Prior to Ericsson, Jasmeet worked with Analysys Mason, a telecom consulting firm as a Research Manager and prior to that as an Investment Research Manager – Technology, Media & Telecom with Gerson Lehrman Group. Jasmeet Sethi holds a Bachelors Degree in Technology in Computer Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Marketing.

Akshay Kanyal: How was your overall experience at MRMW Asia?

Jasmeet Sethi: Participating and speaking at MRMW Asia was very exciting and very enriching. The event allowed for free exchange of ideas and best practices – not just sharing success stories but also discussing failures and what we could learn from them.

Mobile Research is a relatively new area for most companies so it was encouraging to see that brands and firms are exploring this approach in their own unique ways, while agencies continue to innovate and learn through the challenges of how to move beyond just using mobile devices as a data collection tool.

Akshay Kanyal: Can you briefly summarize your presentation in 100-200 words?

Jasmeet Sethi: Apps and smartphone are significantly shifting usage behavior in emerging markets with these markets now playing catch up to more developed markets like US and UK. However with increased usage of these smart devices we have associated challenges around how to deliver the best possible user experience.

Our research tells us that typical customer satisfaction surveys in telecom industry do not yield the true picture and are distorted by market dynamics and hence understanding what sort of issues consumer face in using services/apps on these devices is imperative.

At Ericsson ConsumerLab we have been the first to move beyond just using mobile as a passive measurement tool to understanding actual experience by correlating usage data with actual experience metrics and consumer insights. I call this not just big data but “smart data”!. The study yielded various learning’s and challenges from the tendency of over-collecting data, to the choice of research agencies, and privacy and consumer engagement.

By taking a plunge into marrying big data with consumer insights it is clear that the potential of mobile research is not just limited to copying pen-paper surveys and porting them to handsets but using this “smart data” to understand consumer experience.

Akshay Kanyal: Apart from yours – which other presentation was an eye opener for you?

Jasmeet Sethi: I enjoyed the presentation from Dan Foreman on how mobile research fits into the 2020 vision. His presentation made me reflect on how consumer insights business both at the client side and MR agencies would change by 2020.

I don’t think the jury is out yet on predicting how the role of MR agencies will change when access to Big data and availability of tools and resources to turn this data into insights is in the hands of clients themselves. It would be interesting to see how things unfold.

Akshay Kanyal: How has MRMW Asia conference increased your knowledge about the Mobile research domain?

Jasmeet Sethi: MRMW has definitely help us reflect deeper into how we work today and how we can innovate using mobile research especially looking at different ways other industries are using this approach.

Akshay Kanyal: Any suggestion for the organisation committee of MRMW Conferences?

Jasmeet Sethi: The organizing committee has done a fabulous job to ensure that the quality of content shared at the event was excellent, they ensured the best speaker line-up from the region and a provocative agenda to drive discussions. So kudos to the team involved in pulling this off!

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