Is Market Research Sexy?

Will you advise your kids to join market research industry? Well most of the researchers I have posed this question have shared that they will probably suggest a high paying less work hours job – in simpler words although they love what they do but will suggest their kids to pick a more lucrative career option. As for me – I am not very sure how will I react when my son grows up and asks me for a career advise. This article poses an intriguing question to the market research industry – is MR sexy enough to attract young talent?

My story is quite similar to many other MR professionals in the industry – we never intended to but somehow landed up in the market research career. Once here we slowly started to like it immensely but for many MR was never the first career option.

In my college students were interested in either joining IT companies like Microsoft/IBM/Apple or high paying sales profile. Literally no one ever used to dream about becoming a market researcher.

Frankly telling in my college days my impression about MR professionals were of the guys standing in the Mall trying desperately to get a questionnaire filled (how naïve was I to think this way).

Also few of my college seniors who happened to have joined MR organizations have literally scared me  from the stories of long working hours with minimal wages.

Today when I look back I find it amusing as to what a wrong perception I had about a market research job.

A market research career definitely involves long work hours – but not because we are forced to – but because we want to – as it is simply so interesting to gain enormous amount of knowledge and even get paid for it!

About the comparable lower salary – well it is slightly debatable – a market research job is a knowledge driven profession where more experience will lead to exponential growth in salary and perks. Also it has to be taken into account that as compared to a sales or IT profession the ROI from the MR department are not so direct. Many companies consider MR department as just a support function like Hour or Accounts. On the contrary the MR department actually lays the foundation for success of the company.

Companies that fully understands the importance of MR – are the ones that ultimately succeeds.

But the big question still remains – why is it that MR industry is unable to attract young blood?

Why is that a graduate from Harvard Business School dreams of landing up a job as a hedge fund manager and not as a market researcher – when interestingly the former profession does require lots of in depth analysis of market trends.

Something is missing for sure – what exactly it is I am unable to pin point.

Hey can you do me a small favor and write in the comment section below as to why MR profession seems not to be so lucrative!

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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  1. Yes, even I am wondering how I landed up in Market Research industry 7 years ago.

  2. I can only concur! I worked as a client researcher for 12 years before spending the next 17 years on the agency side. Marketing people come and go but researchers are the true custodians of the brand, the backbone of the department, the person who holds the hands of the next marketing team and introduces them to their customers.

    I have met a few sexy researchers but the industry as a whole should define what it’s about and get some good PR