5 Golden Rules of Client Servicing in the Online Panel Industry

In the online panel industry your client servicing team can make or break you – this team is primarily responsible to take care of client requests including queries, quotations and ops team co-ordination. A good client servicing manager can take the client-vendor relationship to the next level. Therefore it becomes imperative to better understand this role requirements. For business prosperity at least 80% of your projects must come from repeat business and it is here that a client servicing manager plays a vital role. This article illustrates 5 Golden Rules of client servicing that will tremendously help you perform better.

Golden Rule 1: Thou shall not lie

Any relationship whether business or personal is built on the foundation of trust. If you are not true to the person in front of you – I can guarantee you that the relationship will not work. I have been brutally honest with all my clients – sometimes they have not liked it but in the long run they understood that my intention was just to serve them the best and thereby I cemented my relationship with these clients.

It is difficult to speak the truth even if it goes against the popular norms but it is only truth and only truth that shall set you free.

Golden Rule 2: Thou shall not over-commit

Speaking about truth comes to this point – you shall never over-commit to the clients – if it cannot be done then it simply means that it is not possible.

It is better to say NO than SORRY.

Many a times we are tempted to commit to impossible tasks in order to get the projects – it is understandable that as a client servicing manager you have a monthly target to achieve.

But look at it from my viewpoint – what if you over-commit and unable to deliver – you will ruin a promising business relationship and may even kill the chances of getting doable projects in the future. Always remember that haste makes waste – if you cannot deliver simply say NO.

Sometimes the client side vendor manager tends to push you to pick up a project (probably he has over-committed to his client) – in such a scenario always remain firm and explain in a detailed mail as to why the project or requested task  is not possible.

Giving in to unreasonable client demands is very fatal.

Golden Rule 3: Thou shall be proactive

As a client servicing manager you are expected to be always vigilant in terms of tracking and converting opportunities.

No one is going to serve you projects on a golden platter – instead you have to actively seek them.

Always follow latest developments at your client’s end – many a times you can easily convert more business by simple observation.

I firmly believe that 95% of issues that you come across are repetitive in nature – therefore a proactive person will be able to negate all the obstacles and will have a much better project success rate.

Golden Rule 4: Thou shall listen first

Let me share with you a harsh truth – Nobody is interested in your story!

For example a patient suffering from acute pain goes to a clinic – the doctor starts explaining about the prestigious degrees and diplomas he has earned – now what will be the reaction of that patient?

Obviously the patient will be agitated that the doctor instead of providing a solution to the pain is merely telling his story.

When a patient goes to a clinic he has already established the credibility of the doctor by looking at the relevant degrees pasted on the sign board in front of the clinic or has been suggested the doctor by some of their friends or relatives. Right now the patient only wants a quick solution.

The situation is similar with a client servicing manager also – the client has come to you because they have a problem and not to discuss your long list of capabilities.

Simply listen to the client and offer a relevant solution.

Golden Rule 5: Thou shall solve problems

You may be representing the biggest online panel company in the world and are well versed with the negotiation skills but if you cannot solve problems every other advantage you might have comes to ZERO.

The client has come to your doors because they have a problem which needs immediate attention.

Now there are only 2 outcomes – either you can solve the problem or not.

If you cannot because of the operational limitations – quickly state it to the client – never ever waste the time of your client if you cannot solve their problems.

In case you have a solution – please be quick and efficient enough to convey and deliver the same to your client.

Your client needs ‘problem solvers’ and not ‘smooth talkers’.

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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