What if Akshay Kanyal is right?

Few weeks back I wrote an article on why I am scared of Indian data collection companies – as expected some people were outright offended, many praised me for standing up for what I truly believe in and some as expected remained silent (read the spineless variety). Till date I have received 49 hate mails – not surprisingly from Indians but shockingly from fake generic email IDs – even when abusing me for my opinions these data collectors use fake identities! Today in this article I will try to summarize why I wrote that article which has given sleepless nights to many.

On LinkedIn I saw some people being too harsh on me for writing as to why I am scared of Indian data collection companies.

One lady said I am a racist – which is a bit surprising that being an Indian I will make racist comment on myself!

One gentleman tried to preach other members to STOP reading me – which is a bit surprising as this man is living in a democratic country where every one is entitled to their opinions.

Some people asked me for proof – the problem here is that we are not talking about some research trends that I am supposed to give data findings – the issue at hand is rampant malpractices prevalent in Indian MR Industry. So if I have to give proof – which I have enough given the experiences I had dealing with Indian data collection agencies – I will give it to a law enforcement agency and trust me if I ever do it many owners of Indian data collection companies will be languishing in jail for fraudulent business practices.

Some people said that I deliberately write controversial articles to get attention or publicity – now think for a moment – am I some struggling actor in Hollywood who will try to create a ruckus or controversy to get free publicity and win a coveted role in Woody Allen’s movie??

We are talking about MR industry here which is driven by knowledge and not controversy.

Some people argued that I am biased or have some internal grudge against Indian data collection companies.

Well who will be so dumb enough to put at stake their reputation, career or business opportunities for a grudge or bias?

I am sure after reading my article on why I am scared of Indian data collection companies none of the Indian data collection companies will be comfortable enough to hire such an honest and frank employee!

So for a grudge or bias and with no monetary benefits associated am I not taking too much of a risk? Ask yourself.

Many people remained silent or tried to ignore the issue which is obvious as they have vested interests in keeping quiet on the issue of data fudging prevalent in Indian data collection industry.

Many client side vendor managers are actually ‘getting cut’ or in simpler terms bribe to outsource projects.

In my forthcoming article I will discuss in detail as to how client’s vendor managers take money from Indian agencies to give projects.

Think hard for a moment – if I am wrong then I myself will be at lose and will ruin my own reputation but the biggest question which today Global MR Industry faces is:

What if Akshay Kanyal is right?

What if there is rampant data fudging and fraud prevalent in the Indian data collection industry?

The funny thing is that everyone operating in India knows about the issue – whether it is the client or MR company or the Data collection agency but due to monetary benefits associated everyone tends to turn a blind eye. The only person who has raised his voice is just Akshay Kanyal – a person who is not going to benefit in any possible way by exposing the fraud.

Ask yourself what motive will I have to write such an article about an entire regional industry?

I don’t own a research agency nor my business interests are anywhere near the MR world.

Let me tell you the REAL reason I wrote that article.

‘I am really pissed off’

I am angry at the manner in which everyone is keeping mum about the fraud which is happening right in front of our eyes.

I am angry at how clever people are bending rules to make quick money – ethics be damned!

I am angry at the bad name these fraud companies are giving to my country and research industry.

I am angry at not being able to hang these data fudging agency owners in full public view.

Do I believe in what I wrote?

Yes every single word of it

Do I need to give proof?

Not at all – I am entitled to my opinions.

Am I angry at the way things are?

Yes a hell lot and I am not going to stop before I bring forth more dirt on the fraudulent data collection practices.

For a moment forget about everything I said.

For a moment forget whether I need to give proof or not.

For a moment forget about the noise around you.

Just remember one thing…….


Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal writes survey research reviews on his popular blog Online MR. He’s an avid blogger, brand consultant and a content marketing expert, helping business owners to craft content that sells.

He provides content marketing advice to start-ups and innovation driven companies. He can be contacted at editor@onlinemr.com

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  1. really nice one!

  2. I greatly appreciate Akshy’s efforts to highlight the issues and persistency to try to mitigate and make decision makers aware of such bad practices in the online industry.