5 Blog Posts You Must Read Over The Weekend

knowledgeispowerToday is Friday and when many of my peers would be looking forward to a fun filled weekend with Booze, Parties and Movies I will be drowning myself in some new thought provoking article or book. There is nothing more intoxicating than a fresh idea that will stimulate you. If you belong to my tribe – dig in – I have listed for you 5 blog posts that you must read over the weekend. Simply click on the post title or the ‘Click Here’ text link. Have a blast!

5 Reasons You May Need To Update Your Tracker

By Jon Puleston, VP, Innovation, Lightspeed Research

Was updating your tracking study on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, but you just haven’t been able to muster the courage to do it?  We know that the mere thought of tackling this project can strike fear in the heart of even the bravest researcher.  It may have taken you years to get your tracker right, and you have years of tracking data to deal with. Still, in many cases it is well worth the effort. Click Here to read the full article.

How to Do Statistical Significance Testing Correctly

By Dino Fire, director of marketing science, FGI Research

We often use SPSS or R tables to conduct hypothesis testing—also known as testing for statistical significance—between means.  These outputs generally provide t-test results, and in SPSS at least, produce a little alphabetical footnote when a difference is statistically significant.  It’s quick and easy, but the problem is that it’s wrong. Even using the Bonferroni adjustment (which compensates for the fact that there are more than 2 groups being compared), it will commit Type II errors (it says something is not significant when it is) as well as the more common Type I errors (saying something is significant when it’s not). Click Here to read the full article.

Survey Design Tips: Establish Your Goals Ahead of Time

By Kayte K

Yep, the first month of 2013 is nearly finished, folks! Not too long ago, we asked you in our 2013 New Year’s Survey what your survey resolutions would be:

Click Here to read the full article.

Building competitive advantage based on customer experience

By Jenny Kärkkäinen, Marketing Manager, QuestBack

Throughout this fall we have observed that companies in Finland are very keen on improving how they serve their customers, and thus building competitive advantage based on customer experience. Which one does your company serve: The organization or the customer? During the past 3 months, we have organized 6 different seminars that were all directly linked to customer experience. Let’s have a closer look at the latest one which was held on a rainy afternoon on November 14th 2012 in Helsinki. The seminar was invitation-only for key decision makers wanting to learn more about the measurement and benefits of customer experience. Click Here to read the full article.

Facebook Graph Search for Market Research

By Kinesis Survey Technologies

Social media has been gaining momentum as a valuable segment of market research for some time now as consumer usage of – and the amount of data that is shared on – these sites quickly escalated. Even with user numbers now leveling off for the major social media players, the amount of data accessible via these sites continues to grow exponentially. Social media sites are a key resource for social listening, respondent sampling, and survey recruitment. Click Here to read the full article.

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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