5 Awesome SurveyMonkey services You MUST check out

survey monkeySurveyMonkey did something that many market research companies have miserably failed to do – making research SEXY! From the time first questionnaire was designed the customers have been stuck with the researchers to provide them insights. Earlier it was OK to wait for 3-4 months before you could get any insight about your potential customers – today it is suicidal to do so. We all want fast results and at the click of few buttons. Many a times we just have to clear few doubts about our products/services and for that it is sheer wastage of time and money to go to a traditional market research company. This article illustrates 5 awesome SurveyMonkey services that are immensely benefiting the clients.

Precision Polling

Automated phone surveys are basically surveys designed and recorded by you. First the survey is designed and thereafter your recorded voice asks questions from the customers and the responses typed in the keypad of the phone for e.g. “Do you eat out on weekends? Press 1 for Yes and Press 2 for No…”

Automated Phone Surveys are extensively used in many fields for market, political, and public policy research.

The process is as simple as it can be, just design a survey -> record the survey in your voice -> upload a phone list -> get the survey done -> view results!

No more you will have to be overly dependent on a CATI provider to get a simple telephone survey done.

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Facebook Surveys

There is a very high probability that your potential customers are on Facebook and likely they are spending many hours on it. So why not get hold of these customers and collect their opinions.

With SurveyMonkey, you can easily embed a survey directly on your fan page or post a survey link to your wall. Gather feedback from people where they’re already hanging out!

You can easily get customer opinions on your product/service and also evaluate your brand awareness.

The entire process is very simple: design your survey -> select the Facebook collector option -> embed your survey on fan page or your wall -> start getting results!

Go check out the Facebook App: Click Here

Surveys in SalesForce

There are many organisations that use SalesForce to automate their sales cycles. Now SurveyMonkey has collaborated with Clicktools to provide plug-n-play survey solution that integrates with the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Clicktools helps you keep customers engaged and active across your marketing, sales, and support functions. It enables you to collect customer information through surveys, scripts, and forms. Also helps you to centralize the data collected into your CRM system and it acts on the insights automatically to deepen customer relationships.

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Survey Design

Although SurveyMonkey is one of the best DIY software available in the market but they are smart enough to provide survey design services to those who don’t have the time for it. Now what better you can ask from your vendor!!!

This service is available to all professional plan customers for just $15 per question (with a $500 project minimum), and it includes custom formatting, page and question logic, and expert guidance.

The entire process is a child’s play: sign up for their professional plan -> submit the questions, logos etc. -> SurveyMonkey designs the survey -> you send out the survey and receive awesome insights.

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Survey Respondents

Now here is where SurveyMonkey towers above the competition – not only they have an infinitely easy DIY platform but you don’t have to search for the desired respondents from another vendor – you get it all at just one place!

You just send your surveys to a diverse group of people or target a population with specific demographic and behavioral traits.

The per complete price starting from as low as USD 1 and increases with the complexity of the requested audience.

The process here too is damn simple: just set up your survey on SurveyMonkey -> thereafter select your target Audience -> start collecting responses and awesome insights along with it.

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Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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  1. Thanks for this overview. We don’t talk much about it but their strategy of partnering or acquiring related services is super smart. Their acquisition of Wufoo is a great exemple as they have one of the most sexy survey/forum product. Keeping those products alive and keeping their brand is also a good choice.