Top 10 Online Panel Companies with Awesome LinkedIn Company Page!

Best LinkedIn PagesLinkedIn is a social networking platform for business professionals. In recent times it has emerged to be one of the best online destination to network with your prospective clients and customers. Therefore it has become imperative for smart companies to properly leverage the immense opportunities available with this platform. A very important feature available with LinkedIn is ‘Company Page’ where as the name suggests companies can put detailed information about their services/products. Some of the good online panel companies have utilized the ‘Company Page’ feature to maximize their networking activities. 

This article illustrates top 10 online panel companies with AWESOME LinkedIn Company Page! – the effort they have put in to present the relevant information says a lot about their commitment to quality and work ethics. The list is not necessarily ranked from 1-10 you can consider all the companies mentioned here at par.

Few of the things that were observed before selecting the list were:

1- Overall look and feel of the page.

2- Detailed company information.

3- Regular updates.

The companies are as follows:


tolunaToluna is the world’s leading independent online panel and survey technology provider to the global market research industry.

They provide online sample and survey technology solutions to the world’s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporate  from their 16 offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here

Research Now

research nowResearch Now reach has increased multi fold after the incorporation of e-rewards into their service arsenal. Now Research Now boasts of  more than 6 million respondents spread across 37 countries.

They have invested heavily in building & maintaining quality online panels and the results are visible for all to see.

Today Research Now is among the top 5 largest online panel companies of the world – having reached there with sheer hard work and dedication towards providing AWESOME services!!

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here


cintThey are a truly “Technology Driven” company – with breaking new grounds in terms of how survey research should be conducted.

They have invested heavily in their technology platform which in simple word is AWESOME. If you haven’t looked at how CINT ACCESS can power your research project you are surely missing something – go check it out!!

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here


ssiTheir tagline says it all “Science . People . Innovention” – one of the BIGGEST Online Panel Company in the industry SSI has set high standards for others to follow.

With 30 offices covering every time zone and respondent base across 72 countries – SSI is truly a ”One Stop Shop Solution” provider.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here

Research Panel Asia

research panel asiaIf you think of Japanese online panels the first company that comes to your mind – Research Panel Asia!!

If commitment to quality is a key to success we can surely see them becoming the largest panel company in Asia very soon. What sets them apart from their competitors is their staff – one word for them – AWESOME!!

They have been able to cultivate one of the most vibrant and responsive panel community in Asia.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here


usampuSamp provides online market research panels and SaaS technology for global market research.

A pioneer in online market research, uSamp provides online sample solutions along with a leading SaaS platform for online survey authoring‚ data collection and insight delivery worldwide — powered by a global online panel of survey respondents.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here


netquestThey are the best bet if you are looking for an end to end data collection solution in the Latin American markets.

With coverage of 21 countries and in-house programming solution Netquest is a force to reckon with. Their ‘By-Invitation only’ approach weeds out unwanted professional survey takers and creates an authentic panel base.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here

Survey Monkey

survey monkeySurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey tool.

It’s easier than ever to send free surveys, polls, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research. Plus get access to survey questions and professional templates.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here


reinventionreInvention was founded by research industry pioneers Keith Price and Hugh Davis.

Together they have brought together a team of experienced industry professionals to change how market research sample is being delivered. reInvention LLC provides global sampling and data collection services to the market research industry.

Website: Click Here

Checkout their Awesome LinkedIn Page: Click Here

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9…? Hey Akshay you have mentioned only 9 Companies!

What about the 10th? Well I deliberately left it empty for you.

So if you think that your company’s LinkedIn page is awesome just mention it with the link in the comment section below.

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Akshay Kanyal

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  1. As a user in Asia I am really surprised you would leave out two of the best panel suppliers in the region – GMI and AIP. Frankly some of the companies you list are less focused on the professional user but seem to be targeting the DIY market. For example I challenge anyone to find on most of the websites above the detailed panel profiles by country that are so easy to find on GMI and AIP’s site. Surely the first thing that a professional MR company wants is that information. Try and find it! Tells you a lot when you cannot access this simple data. Clearly their focus is not on the market that targets representative samples of the general market.