How to deal with tough as nails customers?

SECRET OF SELLINGI wish that sales closures are easy but if they are – any Tom, Dick or Harry can become a great closer. Many a times you will come face to face with customers who are hell bent to ruin the day for you. They will be snobbish, irritating and demanding – every trick in the book will fall flat on the face to impress them. What should you do in such a scenario? Let me give you some tactics to handle such tough customers.

Tactic 1 – denial will not help your cause – if the customer is angry with you or the product or the sales community in general you should acknowledge the frustration.

Tactic 2 – no matter how much the situation goes out of control you cannot afford to lose patience. Only with a calm mind can you solve a problem.

Tactic 3 – if you have some other engagements – you should keep them all at bay – the emails can wait – the calls can wait and so do the other customers. At that particular moment you should be mentally and physically present with the customer in front of you. The only task you have at hand is to help the customer come on the same page as you are.

Tactic 4 – don’t fake concern as sincerity should be genuine in order to be effective. If a customer has a problem you should be make an earnest attempt to provide a relevant solution.

Tactic 5 – you should have a positive frame of mind and even if there is a slim chance to convince the customer you should go for it. Always remind yourself that there isn’t anything much to lose if you fail to convert a tough customer. However it does not mean that you should have an ‘I don’t give a damn attitude’.

Tactic 6 – if you are with an angry customer – you should not try to speed through the sales process. I know it is easier said than done and it is difficult sometimes to bear the brunt of a customer’s anger but if you can calm down the customer’s nerves, identify the pain areas and provide an awesome solution – you will have converted a tough angry customer to an adoring fan.

Tactic 7 – not for even a micro-second shall the interest waver from the customer problem. I can understand that when faced with a tough customer you tend to get distracted but that is quiet fatal. Always stay with the customer and try to find the solution.

Tactic 8 – find out the core problem from where all this customer frustration originates. If you are able to identify the root cause of the problem you can quickly resolve the issues and move on to the sales closure phase.

Tactic 9 – Always ask questions and yes intelligent ones. The biggest mistake you can do while dealing with an angry customer is to aggravate the anger furthermore. The more constructive and meaningful questions you ask the more positive connection you make with the customer.

Tactic 10 – you should identify all the reasons for failure and pro-actively plug in those gaps. I heard many salesmen putting up an excuse “oh I did my best” – well if you don’t close the sale you haven’t done well enough.

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Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

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