Why ONLY content marketing can SAVE your Online Panel Company!

content marketingBefore I jump onto explaining why your online panel company needs a rock solid content marketing strategy – let me first shed some light on what exactly is content marketing. It is a broad term to encompass all marketing activities that involves creation and sharing of content – the purpose is to attract, engage and convince potential customers to buy the products/services you intent to sell. The content can be provided in variety of formats including blog articles, reports, videos, podcast.

The content marketing differs from all other traditional forms of marketing activities in that they provide valuable information apart from the periphery of your product/service information. More importantly it is one of the most cost effective marketing method available for small and mid size companies.

Now why does an online data collection company actually require content marketing strategy?

Let me ask you a question – do you have thousands of dollars to burn for a marketing campaign (which you aren’t sure will actually work)?

If the answer to the above question is YES please don’t read this article further.

However if you are finding it difficult to allocate marketing budget on a consistent basis with no fruitful results in sight – HANG ON with me.

Now let us look at what a typical online data collection company means by marketing.

Step 1 – Register for an upcoming ESOMAR event.

Step 2 – Participate in the 2 day event.

Step 3 – Try to dump as many as possible business cards and marketing brochures.

Step 4 – Sit tight and hope for the RFP’s to trickle in.


Nothing substantial happens and it keeps you wondering what went wrong. Well you don’t have a better option available so you prepare for the next ESOMAR event in the hope that may be this time it will work out.

But let me share with you an important aspect – nothing much will happen for you.

I am not against participating in the ESOMAR event – on the contrary I find these events to be highly informative (you can read related articles on it: ARTICLE 1 & ARTICLE 2)

Basically I have 2 major concerns:

All these networking events are of very short duration – mostly 2- 4 days. With the seminars, workshops and presentations you will rarely get enough time to interact and engage potential customers.

Secondly all the decision makers are so bombarded with sales pitches that they best avoid such interactions.

Now where does it leads to?

Simply you participate (which obviously means cash spent) but with no concrete results.

Now here content marketing comes out as a knight in shining armour to save the day for you.

The 4 most critical benefits that content marketing provides to an online data collection company:

1- It is much cheaper than participating in costly networking events (you just need a website with lots of good content).

2- It provides high level of engagement with the potential clients (a prospect who regularly reads your articles is more engaged and interested in your pitch than the one you bump into near the conference gates)

3- It creates a positive brand imagery for your company (as it is non-intrusive in nature the prospects have favourable perception about your brand).

4- It helps you stand out from the crowd (while your competitors are jostling to get client attention you will sit relax as the prospects will seek you out).

Now what are you waiting for? If you have not started working out your content marketing strategy yet – hurry up!

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal

Akshay Kanyal writes survey research reviews on his popular blog Online MR. He’s an avid blogger, brand consultant and a content marketing expert, helping business owners to craft content that sells.

He provides content marketing advice to start-ups and innovation driven companies. He can be contacted at editor@onlinemr.com

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