The SECRET your Boss do not want YOU to KNOW!!

The Real Secret“You really need to focus more” – “Your performance this quarter is really worrying” – “The management is not happy with the team output” – if you heard this $#@%^ before – Welcome to the life of an average employee!! Today I am writing this post – on MONDAY – the day we all dread! – But WHY?? Well simply because we have to PUSH ourselves to the office – wait a minute – why do we do something that we hate doing so much?? – Read ON – the article illustrates why you should relish going to the office and meeting your BOSS!

Let us analyze why do we hate Monday?

1- We don’t want to see the sulking face of our Boss.

2- There is a pile of mails waiting to be answered.

3- Have to face the same old office politics.

4- Need to pacify the vendors who haven’t been paid yet!!

The list goes on and on – but is it the real reason? – THINK HARD!!

Strangely we have created this REALLY STUPID myth of the ‘WEEKEND’.

I know you will protest the argument. You will say – we love weekend because that is the time we spend quality time with our families.

But my question is – who is STOPPING you to spend quality time with your family on weekdays??

You are smart people and will argue – COME ON!! – Weekdays we hardly get the time.

But I won’t stop arguing – Why don’t you get time on weekdays?? – Why can’t you complete your work on time??

You will give that ‘I wish I could blow your head OFF’ smile!! – “Well my Boss keeps on pushing me for the target!!”

And here is the REAL PROBLEM – Not the Boss – but the reason why the Boss wants to keep you Busy!!! – The reason why your company management wants to downplay your achievements.

Is it because they don’t want to give you a good appraisal??

NO – not at all – a profitable company has enough leverage in terms of doling out freebies!!

The reason is altogether different – I hope you don’t have a weak heart – as what I am going to tell you may blow your horns off!!

Wait a minute…I am now going to share you the REAL SECRET:


Yes – you read it correctly – every single word of it.

A company is run on the basic principle of ‘MAKE PROFIT – ANYHOW’. So if they have still employed you it is because you are contributing to their success. The day you don’t fit in their scheme of things they will fire you.

There is no dearth of qualified employees in the market but YES there is a shortage of EXCELLENT & AWESOME employees.

Your Boss knows this and he fears that the day you know this – ‘you will leave them!!’

Imagine if the day you realize the potential you have – why you will be working for peanuts??

The management FEARS your potential that is why they come up with STUPID hurdles. That is why they want to make you believe that you are no good.

The management wants you to believe that if not for them – you will be unemployed and miserable – but I ask you – is your management ‘Mother Teresa’ – why they are kind enough to employ you if they are not getting results!!!

Nobody wants you to know how much potential you have.

So sit back and RELAX!

Eagerly wait for MONDAY – go to your office – as the King goes towards his throne – as a Lion goes towards his prey!!

The real secret is “Your Boss fears you – but he is hiding this secret!!”

Go face your Boss today – Smile at him – tell him how much you love coming to office – tell him how much you love Monday!!

Trust me it will be Your Boss who will have the Monday Blues!!

Enjoy all the fun!!

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three – Akshay Kanyal


  1. really nice article, I believe u!

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    I have enjoyed reading your article… Very nice..thanks