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How Strong Is Your Brand’s Digital Influence At The “Zero Moment Of Truth”?

To remain competitive, retailers are striving to offer their customers a far better multi-channel shopping experience.Customers want to be able to complement their traditional bricks-and-mortar retail shopping, with using websites and also buying direct. They want the flexibility to order at home, at work or on the move via laptop, phone, mobile or smartphone. To […]

Merging Mobile with Market Research: A Portable Potential

I recently visited a small village in the interiors of India, and to my surprise there was no dearth of mobile phones. What clicked my mind instantly was, could we not harness this potential as market researchers? Many MNCs venturing into Indian and other developing markets could use mobile users’ base as a target audience […]

Podcast Studio: In conversation with Neil Jessop from OnePoint Global!!

OnePoint Global is the global leader in mobile research and interaction enabling you to discover, engage and motivate your audience in real-time. the company helps their clients make informed decisions that lead to improved performance, drive efficiency and save time and money. As the global leader, OnePoint Global leads by best practice and is helping to create […]

The MOST Embarrassing mistake I made as a Salesman and how YOU can avoid it!!

I am really nervous today. It is not easy to publicly admit your mistake – what if I scare away a potential client or a recruiter?- But I realized that if my experiences can help even one person out there reading my blog – it is worth the effort! Do I regret having made this […]

Are you a SMART Online Panel Company Owner?

Smart is not Stupid – there is a HUGE difference between the two – it is all in the APPROACH! You might be running an Online Panel Company small/mid size – agreed that there are issues – you are tackling them well – but deep down in your heart – something is missing – you […]

Where Is Your Social Media Research Department?

Most organisations place great focus on putting their customers first and take every opportunity to remind anyone who will listen, how important their customers are. In doing so, corporate and brand communications used to be a one-way street – companies talked and customers (often) listened. Now of course the new media landscape means brands need to […]

100 WORDS that will make you a Market Research SUPERSTAR!!

Yes just 100 words to do that – JUST ‘Love your Respondent’ – that is all required to be an AWESOME Market Researcher – Don’t listen to what your client is asking for (most of the time they are confused) – Don’t listen to what your Boss or peers say (they are average people living […]

The SECRET your Boss do not want YOU to KNOW!!

“You really need to focus more” – “Your performance this quarter is really worrying” – “The management is not happy with the team output” – if you heard this $#@%^ before – Welcome to the life of an average employee!! Today I am writing this post – on MONDAY – the day we all dread! […]