How to keep your customers coming back to your web site!!

online panelsAny business that has gone to the trouble and expense of establishing a web presence are entitled to expect a return on their investment. In order to earn their returns, the website has to be capable of continuously capturing the attention of customers, either potential or existing, so that they will file themselves a mental note whenever they are in the market for a particular product or service that the company operating the website offers.

1. Keep the website and its content interesting and up to date.

There are various ways to entice a customer back to a website and as long as there are legitimate, then the website owner is entitled to use them.

One factor that will keep visitors coming back to a website is that if it is particularly well-designed, easy to navigate and can be regarded as a source of interesting, relevant and up-to-date material.

This kind of website deserves to have repeat visitors and the chances are that they will receive more return callers than a website that is flat and boring.

2. Find an interesting domain name.

Another issue that may appear secondary but is also a principal factor in drawing customers back to the website is the name of the domain that the site has been given.

With millions of domain names already been taken, it can be a hard struggle to find one that suits the company.

However, any time spent finding the ideal name for a website will be a very worthwhile exercise.

3. Never underestimate the power of the Favicon.

Many visitors to websites come upon them by chance in the middle of a web search on a completely different subject.

They may be attracted to the products or services displayed on the website, but now may have no particular use for them in the short term.

Instead of earmarking the page in a book, a large number of web surfers will place a shortcut on their desktop to be referred to at a later date.

Web designers in the know in recent years have begun to add a tiny piece of code and then even tinier icon to the website.

Known as a “favicon” this little item will allow the desk top link to display a mini logo that will stand out against a number of similar yet anonymous links.

It’s a very simple procedure to add a favicon, but a very large way to keep that website as prominent as need be until the time comes when the potential client is ready to take his interest the next stage forward.

4. Find out if SEO suits you.

It goes without saying that being properly placed on the various web browsers will also go a long way to keeping a company in the limelight.

There are companies who regularly provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services that can, if properly organised, bring a tremendous floor of customers to your website.

What had to be borne in mind is that the costs involved can be considerable and large turnovers will need to be generated in order to justify the cost.

5. Any form of advertising is fair.

If the company operating the website is geared towards finding customers on a national or even an international basis then the use of e-mail marketing can be very effective, while for local companies advertising in print media or distributing flyers or even appearing at trade shows will also go a long way in drawing customers to a website.

RIchard FischerRichard is a web developer for an Australian Web Design Company: Infinity Technologies. Richard enjoys understanding how users interact with a website to improve their online experience. Richard is also a regular tech blog and forum contributor.