Secret of writing an AWESOME Introduction Mail for your Potential Client!!

Online PanelsMass Mailing is DEAD!! It has been replaced by Customized Mailing – every mail tailored to cater to the needs of a specific client. Alas! – The introduction mails floating around in the Online Panel Industry today are plain BORING!! – The intro mails have become so repetitive in format that it is difficult to differentiate one company’s intro mail from another. It seems the secret art of writing intro mails have been lost in the mist of times. But WAIT!!! Today I am going to let out the SECRET SAUCE of creating AWESOME Intro Mails – so STAY TUNDED with me and read carefully what I am going to write further!!

What is the BIGGEST PROBLEM we see in Intro Mails today??

The answer is – SUBJECT LINE!!

80% of the time the intended reader – in this case your potential client is going to open your mail depending upon how CATCHY / ATTRACTIVE your subject line is!!

Now let us take 2 examples:

Example 1:Introducing Company XYZ – the best online panel provider for India

Example 2:Is your data collection vendor for India ADDING to your PROFIT Margins??

Which Subject line is going to PULL you to read the mail further – YES you guessed it right – Example 2!!

Now the question arises why?

The answer is simple – we have developed a security system which BLOCKS sales messages – Example 1 is a typical sales message – and what we are doing to do about it – SIMPLY DELETE it before reading further.

In case of Example 2 – the reader is presented with a QUESTION which is relevant for their interests i.e. HOW TO INCREASE PROFIT MARGINS. There are 2 scientific reasons for Example 2 to be more successful.

Reason 1: Mystery – humans have a tendency to explore things further with a curiosity factor – in this case the subject line poses a mystery as to how they can increase their profits!!

Reason 2: Greed – no matter how much we argue to the contrary – we all love a good deal!! – Example 2 smells of a secret to profit and satisfies the Greed of our internal system.

Whenever you are writing the subject line for your intro mail keep these 3 things in MIND:

1- Pose a query – “Is your data collection….”!

2- State the benefits – “ADDING to your Profit Margins”!

3- Think out of the box / Break the conventional rules!

What should the IDEAL Length of an Intro Mail?

While experts will vary in terms of their opinions – I believe if someone has to scroll the mail it is high probability that your mail will lose its sheen!

Ideal word count 250 – 300: You may love to talk and read about your company – but probably other person doesn’t have that much patience.

The broad format of the Intro Mail can be divided into the following parts:

First Part: Remember you have posed a question in the subject line – the next step immediately after that is to provide a solution – the first 50 words of your Intro Mail should explain as to what benefit the client has in working with your company.

The benefit should be NOT subjective in nature – give them FACTS – for e.g. – ‘This is how MICROSOFT has benefited using our services…’!!

Second Part: Next 150-200 words should explain in crisp manner ‘What solution your company is providing’ – tailor made this part based on the individual client requirement – for e.g. – in case of a potential automotive client – emphasize about your automotive panels!!

Last Concluding Part: The BIGGEST mistake which EVERY Online Panel Company does is NOT telling the client what next to do – simply saying ‘for your next project contact is not enough’ – maybe at that time the client doesn’t need your services – are you going to WASTE a GOLDEN Opportunity to connect with your potential client – after all the client has taken pains to go through your Intro mail.


You MUST PULL the potential client to perform an ACTION!!

What ACTION needs to be performed?

Action can be anything which enhances the client’s engagement with your brand – my favorite is – NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION – If you ask me why I will gladly tell you the reason!!

Ask yourself why have you sent an INTRO MAIL to your potential client?

Well so that the target potential client gets HOOKED to your BRAND!!

If that is the case then what better option than the potential client signing up for your newsletter and giving you authority to approach him for all things related to your company?

Now as I have told earlier the Intro Mail should be as crisp as possible I will suggest you to direct the potential client to a subscription form via link.

Always remember why will anyone be interested in signing up for your newsletter and unnecessarily increase mail flow in their inbox?

The solution is a free e-book or research report – it serves the inherent GREED of our internal system.

Once the potential client has subscribed to your mailing list your purpose for sending an INTRO MAIL is complete – your client is HOOKED onto your BRAND!!

It is not compulsory to do a newsletter subscription – you can also invite the potential client for a WEBINAR on an interesting research topic you may be conducting.

The THUMB RULE is to make your potential client do an action – whether subscribing to your newsletter or attending a webinar.

It helps you to understand the effectiveness of your mail campaign also. A higher subscription rate will signify that your mail campaign has been well received.

In case you are sending Intro Mails to more than one person in the same company – ALWAYS experiment with the format – this will help you understand what CLICKS with your audience.

Having sold online panels in the market I completely understand that there will be very few opportunities to meet face to face with your potential client – reason is very simple – research buyers are a very BUSY people – they prefer communication over the mails.

Therefore your INTRO MAIL is the MOST Potent Weapon in your arsenal – use it judiciously!


I will LOVE to hear from you guys how can we enhance the Intro Mail effectiveness. You can can share your personal experiences in the comment section below!! – Akshay Kanyal