Now Online Panel Companies can DOUBLE their profit margins!!!

online panelsToday I am going to share with you the BIGGEST SECRET of making loads of money!! It is not a ‘quick get rich scheme’ which you often encounter in your mailbox. After having sold online panels in the market for some time I chanced upon the ‘secret sauce’ of becoming a SALES SUPERSTAR. Now instead of you running after the clients – the reverse would happen – you will just sit & relax in your AC cabin with RFP’s getting converted – as if by some MAGIC!! As with all things magical you of course have to prepare the magic potion – you will be required to gather all the right ingredients and mix it in the right proportions. The article illustrates in detail the trick to DOUBLING your profit margins.

Now let us first analyse what a typical marketing/sales strategy of an online panel company looks like:

1- Send an intro mail to the potential clients.

2- Cold call your potential clients to get their business.

3- Send your sales executive to the client’s office with the marketing materials.

4- Take out the client for a lunch and discuss your value proposition.

5- Bombard every networking platform with your promotional messages!!

6- Register yourself and regularly attend ESOMAR or CASRO conferences.

7- Kidnap your potential client to get their business!!! (Although at some point of time all of us do give it a thoughtWink).

Now point 1, 2, 3 & 4 are very common and they are more of a ‘PUSH’ strategy to get sales.

Traditionally across all industry verticals these 4 methods have been done and with some success also.

The problem is as the market becomes crowded and clients being pestered with countless sales messages – it becomes difficult for your message to stand out!!

Pushing your clients to get their business is not a sound advice to be followed.

All of us have developed a ‘security system’ which is activated as soon as we come across a sales message.

The truth is ‘we hate being sold to’!!

Therefore as soon as a sales message reaches the decision maker their alarm system switches ON – they might FAKE listening to you but the harsh truth is that they probably will buy services from their regular vendor.

Many of us have done the ‘cold calls’ and dropping the marketing material at every opportunity – but it seldom reaps huge benefits.

If you are ‘cash rich’ online panel company and can BURN your money for promoting your services – GOOD for you!! But not all of us have such luxury.

If you are using point 5 (i.e. spamming LinkedIn) – AVOID IT!! Trust me you won’t earn a single penny out of such activities.

Point 6 (i.e. networking @ ESOMAR conferences) although it is a good strategy but it won’t give you QUICK results.

You need to be constantly present at lots of such conferences to make your presence felt.

For a small or medium sized online panel company it will be too much of a cash burden. Networking is a very potent sales weapon but it needs to be constantly practiced to be effective.


The answer is SIMPLE – ‘Content Marketing’!!!!!

As per Wikipedia “Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty”.

The secret of ‘Pulling’ clients is to create ‘AWESOME’ content which can help them to do business more effectively.

Imagine you write an article – how online panel companies can help businesses connect with their consumers and increase efficiency by 35% – this would do more good than simply harping about your services.

The best part about ‘content marketing’ is it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

When I started the Online MR Blog my major purpose was to help online panel companies get a platform for their voice. Online MR Blog is a leverage board to get unfair advantage and that too FREE of any cost!!

Have you screamed at the top of your voice to get business – but how many of you have actually made a dent?

You are getting probably 100 RFP but how many of them are you actually converting??

Online MR Blog is giving you a LIFETIME opportunity to establish your brand and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Yes you read it correctly – it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

How you can enhance your brand value by Online MR Blog?

The answer is GUEST BLOGGING!!!

Not only will you be given full credit for the article but also back links to your website.

How will GUEST BLOGGING increase my sales margin??

Out of many reasons why you SHOULD be guest blogging at ONLINE MR here are few of them:

1- Online MR is one of the fastest growing blog on survey research industry.

2- Your views will be reaching to the vast 1700+ subscribed audience of the Online MR Blog. I have made efforts to approve & recruit subscribed audience of decision makers associated with survey research and allied fields.

3- Your brand will be introduced to the decision makers following the blog.

4- It will establish you as the ‘subject matter expert’ on survey research.

5- It is a non-intrusive way to connect with your potential clients.

6- Your meaningful content will help ‘connect’ with your audience.

7- Your article will also be sent across to 3200+ registered members of the LinkedIn group of Online MR. The group has more than 270 owners + 850 VP/Director + 900 Senior professionals related to survey research and allied fields.

8- NO PLATFORM can help you connect with more than 5000+ Professionals of Market Research Industry in the most effective manner as the Online MR Blog!!

9- The people you would be connecting with are a closed focus group and they influence industry and make decisions that affects opinions about brands.

10- Did I mention that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to write guest blogs on Online MR!!

Group Stats


EXAMPLE: Guest Post by Junichiro Waide

What topics you can write about?

You can cover any topic – sales/marketing/panel building/operations etc. related to survey research industry.

How long can the article be?

Ideally for optimum results the article should be somewhere between 1000-2000 words.

How quickly will be the article published?

There is a publishing schedule I follow – first come first serve – when you will submit the article I will notify you about the probable publication date.

What NOT to write about?

As I have mentioned above we all are sensitive to sales messages. Articles which are primarily sales pitch will not be entertained – for your own benefit. Also please ‘no personal attacks’ or ‘naming of rival companies for comparison purposes’ will be approved.

In what format the articles should be?

Appreciate if you send the articles in word document.

Where I can send my article to?

All articles should be sent to

Now that you have read this article I am assuming that you have already started brainstorming about the article you will be writing – for others – good luck with your COLD CALLS!!