Weekly News Digest (May 27, 2012)

Weekly News BulletinNebu launches Dub InterViewer 7 with advanced features and new interface

Nebu today launched version 7 of its successful Dub InterViewer suite. The data collection suite has been re-designed and re-packaged as part of Nebu’s aim towards ‘re-thinking’ the way MR software works for the client.

The software has been launched with a modern interface, but retains the original dynamic features to assist the Executive in designing surveys quickly and intuitively. The back end has been re-designed to provide future releases with the scalability and flexibility to provide greater response to market led initiatives.

The launch of Dub InterViewer 7, along with Dub Knowledge 4, marks the first steps in Nebu’s strategy to see the products converge to provide a unique tool in the MR market place.

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