5 Business Lessons that Online Panel Companies can LEARN from Jackie Chan!!

online panelsIf you are an ASIAN and the name ‘Jackie Chan’ doesn’t ring a bell – you have no right to be called an ASIAN!!! Although it is a bit extreme to say so – but the fact still remains that Jackie Chan is one of the most ICONIC figures in Asia. Many of us have grown up watching his goofy action comedy movies. Countless memories conjure up when you remember his over the top stunts. This article illustrates 5 business lessons that online panel companies can learn from Jackie Chan.


Jackie Chan had a tough childhood and he literally fought his way up the food chain to emerge a winner. Born to refugees of Chinese civil war Jackie Chan had to prove his mettle time and again through adversities.

Many of us overlook the fact that the BIG online panel companies we see today were small once – it was through sheer hard work and dedication that they emerged winner. We see the prosperity of these BIG online panel companies but didn’t realize the countless obstacles they might have overcome to reach here.

The GREED to reach at the TOP has prompted many new companies in the online panel industry to use nefarious business practices.

Never ever take a shortcut – it takes more time!!

If you are new entrant in the online panel industry – think it as a journey you are about to undertake – but ALAS! Everyone is too much worried about the DESTINATION!!

It took many decades for Microsoft or an IBM to reach where they are today – if you are not in for a long haul – please don’t waste your time by starting a new online panel company.

Lesson 2: NO PAIN NO GAIN!!

Jackie Chan has broken almost every bone in his body multiple times – he could have used a body double for the stunt scenes – but he wanted to be AUTHENTIC – he wanted to be GENUINE – we RESPECT & ADORE him for that.

It is seems easy to simply aggregate online panels – to simply FORWARD client’s request to another vendor – but creating a proprietary panel is something which is AUTHENTIC & GENUINE – your clients are going to RESPECT & ADORE you for that.

Jackie Chan is deaf in one ear due to injury suffered doing his stunts – did he ever regret that – NO! For him this is simply an operational hazard. Creating something genuine is not an easy task but for a long sustainable growth you need something concrete and stable.

Tomorrow the panel vendor you are aggregating from may directly contact client and put you out of business – build something of your own – build proprietary panels!

The road to success is tough and rightly so – as the obstacles are there to weed out – pretenders to the throne.

Grow SLOW but Go LONG – to be in the online panel industry for a long haul you need to build sustainable products/services – it won’t be easy – but it would be worth the efforts.


After the legendry Bruce Lee – every actor in the industry wanted to be ‘another Bruce Lee’. But Jackie Chan was smart – where Bruce Lee was famous for his no-nonsense tough fighter image – Jackie brought goofiness to the fight sequences.

Jackie’s movies were light hearted and showed him as a common man – who too gets hurt while fighting – the audience was able to relate themselves with his characters in the movies.

He was DIFFERENT and succeeded in carving a niche for himself out of the competition.

Today many new online panel companies are doing the same mistake – everyone wants to be just ‘another Bruce Lee’.

Stop copying the bigger players – think different & act genuinely.

Everyone has mistaken this industry to be a ‘Golden Goose’ of money – get a reality check – IT IS NOT!!

Bigger Online Panel Companies are making profits because of the technological innovation and value addition processes they have implemented – not by merely copying someone.

Recently an Indian Online Panel company claimed to have panels in 70 countries – SHOCKING – when even the genuine bigger global players could create panels in not more than 40 countries!!

Think HARD!! – Be Genuine!!


The 90’s were all about the larger than life image of the film actors but as the decade changed the audience preferences changed.

The audience was looking for stars that they can relate to – Jackie has always been quick to realize the change of mood. He started making movies with more urban themes with vivid background of social problems like drug peddling and human trafficking.

He innovated with times and has been able to sustain himself at the top position for so long.

For new as well as established online panel companies this is a must to understand the changing landscape of the data collection industry.

If the online panel companies are not quick enough to gauze the current trends in the clients preference – they might get EXTINCT very soon.

Even the traditional data collection companies are adopting online methodology – as reaching out to consumers are getting difficult by every passing day.

Companies which are investing heavily in new technology innovations are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For others it is just the PYRAMIDS they are building – merely there for historical reference.



Jackie is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador having worked tirelessly to champion charitable works and causes. There are other innumerable efforts he has made to give back to the community.

He is leaving behind a legacy!!

Ask yourself – how many online panel companies are actually doing something charitable – VERY FEW.

Money is simply a piece of paper – you can’t eat it – you can’t wear it – you can’t drink it – you can’t do anything with it – EXCEPT SPEND IT.

Be a responsible citizen and spend the money for noble causes – the goodwill you generate would be far reaching than any PR campaign.


Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three – Akshay Kanyal