TOP 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Online Panel Industry!!

online panelsThere are good companies and then there are GREAT companies – Today we will celebrate “GREATNESS”. It is the dream of every entrepreneur to build a company which is VALUABLE. The questions then arises as to what makes a company valuable? I strongly believe it is the RIGHT MIX of Honesty + Dedication + Vision + Perseverance – not every company gets it right and it takes years of efforts to achieve it. Online data collection methodology is comparatively new and still a lot has to be done to perfect it – nevertheless there  are some companies which are doing an excellent job of providing quality services at affordable prices. This article illustrates top 20 online panel companies with AWESOME services – the effort they have put in to formulate their service suite says a lot about their commitment to quality and work ethics. The list is not necessarily ranked from 1-20 you can consider all the companies mentioned here at par with their unique value proposition.

online panelsTheir tagline says it all “Science . People . Innovention” – one of the BIGGEST Online Panel Company in the industry SSI has set high standards for others to follow. With 30 offices covering every time zone and respondent base across 72 countries – SSI is truly a ”One Stop Shop Solution” provider. Their staff is proficient in 36 languages – providing high quality services round the clock.

Why SSI is a VALUABLE Company? –  “If you have a multi-country study spanning across varied geographies you MUST engage SSI”.


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Their service suite is backed up by one of the strongest technical team based out of Gurgaon (India) in the online panel industry. This is a competitive edge which they are effectively using to program online surveys with all possible permutation & combinations. They have collected over 750 data points on each panel member – making it one of the most robust respondent base in the industry.

Why Toluna is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you have a complex survey to program complemented with deeply profiled panel base you MUST engage Toluna”.


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Their REACH has increased multi fold after the incorporation of e-rewards into their service arsenal. Now Research Now boasts of  more than 6 million respondents spread across 37 countries. They have invested heavily in building & maintaining quality online panels and the results are visible for all to see. Today Research Now is amongst the top 5 largest online panel companies of the world – having reached there with sheer hard work and dedication towards providing AWESOME services!!

Why Research Now is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you have a multi country study where you require highly responsive audience you MUST engage Research Now”.


online panelsThey are a truly “Technology Driven” company – with breaking new grounds in terms of how survey research should be conducted. They have invested heavily in their technology platform which in simple word is AWESOME. If you haven’t looked at how CINT ACCESS can power your research project you are surely missing something – go check it out!! They are helping many other panel company which cannot invest so much on technology to be at par with top  notch service providers. In other words CINT is helping companies to revolutionize their service offerings.

Why CINT is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for a robust, scalable & reliable technology to empower your research you MUST engage CINT”.


online panelsTheir services offering is unmatchable in the healthcare domain. It is very difficult to provide panels for healthcare specialists but All Global has won the FINAL FRONTIER in recruiting hard to reach audience. A WPP group of company – All Global from a humble beginning have come to be a force to reckon with in the healthcare data collection industry. Whether you require patients or specialists they have created a highly engaging panel base. They cover 4 major geographies – Europe, North & South America and Asia Pacific.

Why All Global is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for healthcare specialists – look no further!! you MUST engage All Global”.


online panelsTheir pedigree is unmatchable – having being in the industry for a long time they completely understand what researchers are looking for in their projects. This deep understanding of the clients requirement have enabled them to craft a panel base which is superior in quality to many other panel providers. Lightspeed Research has been very active on research forums and has helped create best practices for the online panel industry. Lightspeed RealRespondents is an industry leading verification process to ensure high quality real opinions for your research projects.

Why Lightspeed Research is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for authentic and deeply profiled panellists you MUST engage Lightspeed Research”.


online panels They are the last word in crafting panel communities. No other company can match them in terms of building customized panel communities. Their expertise in building an engaged audience for brands is simply AWESOME!! Many companies have been able to CONNECT to their customers with the help of Vision Critical. Their integrated product suite helps you to capture the VOICE of your customers. If you still haven’t utilized their services for building strong & sustainable relationship with your audience – you are surely missing something.

Why Vision Critical is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking to build a customized panel community you MUST engage Vision Critical”.


online panelsTheir service suite arsenal consists of multiple solutions for the research community – but what stands apart is Crowdweaving which enables clients to leverage the power of crowd to solve problems. They have also enabled clients to gather opinions through social media platforms. Having a robust panel base has given a competitive advantage to KL Communication. They are also creating AWESOME communities which are providing meaningful insights to the clients.

Why KL Communication is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for agile and sustainable insights you must engage KL Communication”.


online panelsThey are an EMPLOYEE Driven organisation – what sets them apart from all other panel providers is the HIGH level of commitment that their employees have. You can copy technology – you can also copy business ideas – but it is not possible to copy the enthusiasm of the people. This is one of the greatest strength of Authentic Response – their dedicated team!! If you are new to the online data collection methodology you must work with their staff – they would go out of their way to make you comfortable.

Why Authentic Response is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for AWESOME client servicing coupled with deeply profiled panellists you MUST engage Authentic Response”.


online panelsTheir unique recruitment approach (via own call centers, in-person focus groups and other face-to-face encounters) removes inherent bias that creeps in if panel is recruited from one or few sources. From the past 45 years Schlesinger Associates have provided data collection services. Over this time they have been able to accumulate vast knowledge base to help clients get results faster and at affordable rates. Schlesinger Associates provides online sampling for many market sectors including consumers, healthcare (professionals and patients), business-to-business, financial services, insurance, IT and media.

Why Schlesinger Associates is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for RELIABLE & ROBUST data collection solution you MUST engage Schlesinger Associates”.


online panelsTheir panel base is created for the researchers by the researchers!! – Having a very deep understanding of the research methodologies have equipped them with the knowledge to create deeply profiled engaged panellists. Their mastery of the ‘sampling’ have helped create a panel audience which is relevant to your research project. For your next research project on Hispanic community you must utilize their services.

Why Knowledge Networks is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for a proven panel audience you MUST engage Knowledge Networks”.


online panelsTheir panel base of 1.7 million healthcare specialists is one of the most geographically diverse and engaged. Their strict recruitment guidelines have enabled them to recruit verified and responsive panel audience. Their panel members are deeply profiled with up to 80 data points – this helps to select the right audience for your research project. Their proprietary emunity™ program has an unrivalled verification process in the entire data collection industry.

Why WorldOne is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for engaged & verified healthcare specialists you MUST engage WorldOne”.


online panelsThey are one of the largest panel provider in the Latin American market. Their deep understanding of the sampling methodologies have enabled them to built a robust and responsive panel base. They are also an expert in the development of online communities and interactive solutions such as mobile apps and games. They are technology driven company with their platforms utilizing latest technological innovations.

Why eCGlobal Solutions is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for a panel vendor in Latin American markets you MUST engage eCGlobal Solutions”.


online panelsTheir deep understanding of the Latin American markets have enabled them to create one of the most responsive panel base. With panelists in 22 countries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal their large and diverse panel has made Livra Panels experts in projects with low-incidence. Their services is processed by an able staff which understands the nuances of the local market – this knowledge helps clients to obtain insights much faster.

Why Livra Panels is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for responsive panels in Latin American markets you MUST engage Livra Panels”.


online panelsThey are the best bet if you are looking for an end to end data collection solution in the Latin American markets. With coverage of 21 countries and in-house programming solution Netquest is a force to reckon with. Their ‘By-Invitation only’ approach weeds out unwanted professional survey takers and creates an authentic panel base. Their professional staff makes life a lot easier for researchers who can now concentrate more on their core activities.

Why Netquest is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking one stop shop solution in the Latin American Markets you MUST engage Netquest”.


online panelsThey can be aptly called – ASIAN TIGERS!! They have been the pioneers of the survey research in the Asia Pacific region. Their understanding of the Asian markets is almost magical! With offices spread across the Globe to service the clients round the clock – AIP is the easiest choice to make if you are looking for online panels in Asia Pacific region. They provide complete end to end data collection solution helping clients to get relevant insights at affordable rates.

Why AIP is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for a panel partner in Asia without thinking twice you MUST engage AIP”.


online panelsTheir greatest strength lies in their uncanny ability to understand what exactly the client is looking for. They had the first mover advantage vis-a-vis Asia Pacific markets and through sheer hard work and commitment still stands tall amongst their competitors. Their staff is knowledgeable and approachable helping the clients round the clock. Working with them enables clients to have a value added servicing at reasonable rates. Their panel base is responsive and robust.

Why Pulse Group is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for a Knowledgeable Panel Partner in the Asia Pacific region you MUST engage Pulse Group”.


online panelsIf you think of Japanese online panels the first company that comes to your mind – Research Panel Asia!! If commitment to quality is a key to success we can surely see them becoming the largest panel company in Asia very soon. What sets them apart from their competitors is their staff – one word for them – AWESOME!! They have been able to cultivate one of the most vibrant and responsive panel community in Asia.

Why Research Panel Asia is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for online panels in Japan – look no further – you MUST engage Research Panel Asia”.


online panelsTheir strength lies in providing one of the most engaged respondent base in Japan!! They have also developed products/services which empowers your research projects. They have a very deep understanding of the Japanese market which transcends into their professional approach. Embrain has been able to provide immense value to the clients looking to conduct research studies in Japanese market.

Why Embrain is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for robust and responsive Japanese panel you MUST engage Embrain”.


online panelsThey have a complete monopoly in the Russian market – if they can’t target an audience in this market – no one else can!!! Their success can be attributed to the dedication with which they have implemented quality driven processes. They have been able to create a very vibrant community of panel members. Clients are fully utilizing their community building skills to connect to with their customers – and so should you!!

Why OMI is a VALUABLE Company? – “If you are looking for online panels in the Russian Federation you MUST engage OMI”

Editor’s Note: Alas! I could accommodate only 20 Companies – I am sure there are many other good ones out there – ping me if you come across some interesting ones!


  1. Thanks for featuring Vision Critical on this list! :-) I’m just going to mention that, whilst we are best known for our community panels, we also run our own wide market panels in the US, Canada and the UK. We have received high accolades for the quality of these panel, in comparison to some of the access panels in the market, I think, beause we apply the same thinking as when running our 500 or so client community panels to the way in which we recruit, engage and manage these larger panels.

  2. Thanks for featuring eCGlobal on the list! :) I would like to mention that we also work as a one-stop-shop provider in Latin America. We have an advanced services bureau in Brazil, with experts in online data collection (12 years experience), advanced survey programming (specialized in Confirmit), sample management, quality assurance procedures, etc., helping our local and regional clients with their online research needs. Of course, in terms of innovative research methodologies and tools, including online communities, social media and mobile research, we are leading the way in Latin America.

  3. Thanks for adding Lightspeed Research to your list.

    We are proud that all our work in developing high quality panels across 40 countries means that we can offer our clients the highest quality research services. We invest heavily in our panels and it is great to see this being picked up in the market. Thanks again

  4. That is a great list Akshay and I agree each of those firms deserve their mentions; they are all wonderful companies. There are a few more that probably deserve to be on there too though:

    pureprofile: They are building the most socially engaged and innovative panel/big data offering in the market. Watch these guys; they are doing virtually everything right and are going to grow really quickly this year. Their value prop and technology is second to none.

    Google: Say what you will about the limits of their data collection model, but they reach +90% of the global online population and 60% of smartphones. Soon they may be the only game in town if you really want to get close to a representative sample. Under estimate them at your peril!

    SurveyMonkey: They are acquiring and building panel assets left and right, and they have deep connections with Facebook that have yet to be leveraged. They already revolutionized one aspect of market research, and they are primed to do the same for panels.

    Jana: Access to mobile subscribers in virtually every developing market in the world. That is about 3 billion respondents. Why these guys have not become one of the largest companies in the research space is beyond me; they should be turning business away. This may be the year that demand will catch up with the supply.


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