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Now Online Panel Companies can DOUBLE their profit margins!!!

Today I am going to share with you the BIGGEST SECRET of making loads of money!! It is not a ‘quick get rich scheme’ which you often encounter in your mailbox. After having sold online panels in the market for some time I chanced upon the ‘secret sauce’ of becoming a SALES SUPERSTAR. Now instead […]

Weekly News Digest (May 27, 2012)

Nebu launches Dub InterViewer 7 with advanced features and new interface Nebu today launched version 7 of its successful Dub InterViewer suite. The data collection suite has been re-designed and re-packaged as part of Nebu’s aim towards ‘re-thinking’ the way MR software works for the client. The software has been launched with a modern interface, […]

8 key factors in making an Online Market Research Team a success in Southeast Asia!

Author: Junichiro Waide   (CEO at Research Panel Asia Philippines Inc.) With the remarkable developments in Asia, local and international investors have continuously set its eye on the region. In particular, Southeast Asia has shown the world immense development in the past few years. I am witnessing it first hand with our daily operations in the […]

5 Business Lessons that Online Panel Companies can LEARN from Jackie Chan!!

If you are an ASIAN and the name ‘Jackie Chan’ doesn’t ring a bell – you have no right to be called an ASIAN!!! Although it is a bit extreme to say so – but the fact still remains that Jackie Chan is one of the most ICONIC figures in Asia. Many of us have […]

Weekly News Digest (May 20, 2012)

Schlesinger Associates appoints Head of Interactive Services: Schlesinger Associates is pleased to announce that Anne Hedde has joined our team as Managing Director of Schlesinger Interactive, a fast-growing business initiative dedicated to online and other innovative technologies aimed at meeting current and future research needs in a rapidly evolving digital environment. Anne will lead the development […]

Why YOU should be SCEPTICAL of companies selling Healthcare Access Panel in Asia?

And my first argument is WHY SHOULD NOT YOU be sceptical!! If you have even the slightest idea of healthcare industry in Asia – you would realize that it is an almost impenetrable audience via online medium. Contrary to their western counterparts – Healthcare specialists are NOT internet savvy in Asia. They come from old […]

TOP 20 Most Valuable Companies in the Online Panel Industry!!

There are good companies and then there are GREAT companies – Today we will celebrate “GREATNESS”. It is the dream of every entrepreneur to build a company which is VALUABLE. The questions then arises as to what makes a company valuable? I strongly believe it is the RIGHT MIX of Honesty + Dedication + Vision […]

Interview with Berend de Jong – Chief Technology Officer at NEBU

Brief background of Berend de Jong: My education was focused on developing a wide range of skills needed to have your own business. I was attracted by the diversity and dynamics of this. Soon I was interested in software and started as application manager in the automotive branch. In 2003 I started to work for […]

7 STUPID Marketing Gimmicks that Online Panel Companies should AVOID!!

Social Media has given business owners a free platform to blow their horns. What inadvertently they end up doing is – making a laughing stock of their company’s reputation. The trend takes all the more dangerous proportions if there is a fake online panel company involved – as they haven’t got enough money to spend […]

Interview with Kevin Lonnie – President and CEO of KL Communications, Inc.

Brief background of Kevin Lonnie: Mr. Lonnie is the CEO and Founder of KL Communications, Inc. In 1996, Mr. Lonnie began KL Communications with the specific purpose of establishing a firm that would elevate the voice of the customer via superior insights and the latest technology. Consistent with that vision, the company specializes in proprietary […]