Top 5 Reasons why YOU should outsource survey programming to Toluna!!

online panelsMany online panel companies claim to be ‘one stop shop solution’ but only a handful meet the criteria. In the online data collection industry very few companies have been able to provide the entire gamut of services. To become a full service provider there is a considerable investment you have to make on manpower, technology and best practices. Toluna is one such company which has been able to set new standards of delivering quality services. The article illustrates reasons why clients should outsource survey programming to Toluna.


Toluna has been in the online panel business for long now and has been able to accomplish top ranks. There is a certain sense of pride they take in their products/services – something which is lacking in many other online panel companies.

Team @ Toluna understands that they have come a long way but they have to keep on setting new benchmarks.

It is this positive attitude which germinates from their legacy in this industry. It is not merely their pride but a sense of responsibility that takes their services to a whole new level.

To meet every time the high standards they have set for themselves is no easy task. But it is their historical achievements that push them to strive for better results. It is the feeling of expectations from the industry which has enabled them to provide best quality.

Many companies are burdened with their historical legacy and are unable to change with times – often resulting in their failure. However it is surprising to see the ‘HUNGER’ to achieve more in the team @ Toluna.


Survey Programmers at Toluna are the real tech wizard with their expertise arsenal stocked with – Confirmit, Global Park, Sawtooth, and Quantum – the list in fact is endless. This knowledge pool enables the company to take on even the most complex programming requests.

The clients – no matter which platform they have been working on – can be rest assured that the team @ Toluna would be able to service all their requests.

The benefits does not end here – with Toluna it seems that they have taken care of every aspect of service delivery – for the data output the team is well versed in technology platforms like – SPSS, Wincross and Askia.

Understanding the technology in totality is the first step towards an effective implementation. Toluna has been an early adapter of the latest technologies – with mammoth man hours spent on training their staff.

I believe you can spare yourself of spending sleepless nights in ensuring an error free survey link. The programming team @ Toluna would be working on your project 24 x 7 to deliver desired results.

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I have been fortunate enough to start my career at their Gurgaon (India) office and I can say with lots of confidence and pride that I have met some of the most talented professionals during my tenure there.

You are what your team is.

You can give the best product to an unskilled team and they would make a mess of it for sure. Survey programmers @ Toluna are ‘the best of the breed’ with an unflinching desire to perform to their optimum – this is what gives Toluna a competitive advantage over many other full service providers.

It is one thing to hire star performers but another to take them to a whole new level. Toluna’s management team has been visionary and has provided ‘best in class’ training for their employees.

Investment in your employees is MUST!

Toluna has always been focusing on providing their employees with best facilities and knowledge enhancement courses – which shows in the team’s performance.

If I was a recruiter and have to hire someone from Toluna – I won’t take an interview – I would simply ask for the desired remuneration package!!


Stay ahead of the pack!!

In today’s technology driven environment it is imperative for every company to constantly EVOLVE by innovating their product/service suite.

Toluna’s philosophy has always been that ‘we are in the value business’ – therefore it has been a constant endeavor to introduce innovative product/services in the online panel industry.

Very few online panel companies have been able to match the innovation juggernaut that has been set in motion by the Toluna team.

Team @ Toluna has created their service suite keeping in mind the wide range of client’s requirements. They have solution for simple quick surveys as well as the most complex ones. This approach has helped them to not only cater to a wide variety of survey programming requests but also to create a true ‘one stop shop solution’.

I believe that INNOVATION is simply addressing to the client’s new demands – Toluna here has got the right ingredients for providing ‘best in class’ services.

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It is GOOD to learn but the real difference is when you constantly practice to make it a HABIT!!

Many online panel companies during the course of their journey gets side tracked in terms of implementing best practices.

Toluna here is giving a great example – having created a niche for itself and being in the market leader position – has been constantly practicing the best methodologies for an effective and efficient delivery.

There are a very few online panel providers who have understood the importance of creating best practices for the industry and Toluna is one such company which not only has implemented but also have contributed to creating best practices worldwide.

Leaders lead not to be followed but because they want to make the difference.

online panelsI am glad to get an opportunity to have a conversation with James Rogers, VP, Asia Pacific, Toluna.

I was able to get exclusive insights behind Toluna’s stupendous performance!!

Key points that came into focus during my discussion with James Rogers:

Online MR: What are the few key challenges in providing a full service suite?
James Rogers:

Timing – Increasing demand to cut the overall cycle – on link delivery to field close to data file delivery.

Costs – Balancing a quality competitive offer in light of growing ‘outsourcing’ alternatives.

Online MR: What are the key advantages working with Toluna’s survey programming team?
James Rogers:

1- Experience.

2- Dedicated programming centre of excellence with highly trained and experienced survey programmers.

3- Stringent “Toluna Quality assurance” to ensure error-free link delivery.

4- End to end delivery – right from the questionnaire analysis to link delivery and launch.

5- Strong capability to interface with the Project Manager for efficient link delivery.

6- Dedicated point contacts for all key clients/accounts.

7- Team backed by strong management to drive continuous improvement and client centric deliveries.

8- 24*7 coverage which enables faster turnaround and query resolution.

9- Vast experience of working with all types of verticals ranging from big strategic accounts to small retail accounts, healthcare, omnibus, entertainment, end clients etc.

10- Wide technology experience: this includes working with different technologies/platforms ranging from Confirmit, Sawtooth, and Global Park with sound capabilities in the areas of custom programming, flash products, conjoints, algorithms, etc.

Online MR: What kind of training programs you have introduced for your programming team?
James Rogers:

1- Dedicated in-house training centre of excellence (9 years of experience).

2- Training & Development – both in the functional as well as competency based.

3- Trainings focused towards new hires as well as enhancing skills for existing programmers.

4- Training on client specific standards and best practice sharing.

Online MR: How are you planning to add more value for your clients?
James Rogers:


1- Utilizing Toluna’s local, regional and global experience to provide an unrivalled consultative approach.


1. Enhanced Flash / HTML 5 solutions.

2. Exciting gaming interface for better panel experience.

3. Customized survey templates based on specific client requirements.

4. Predictable TAT and quality – no surprises.

5. Local language scripting solutions in emerging markets.


1. Providing local insight in all Asia Pacific markets (and globally).

2. Introduction of Toluna SmartSelect into global markets allowing for behavioural and attitudinal sampling & blending.

Continued Internal Training

1. Advanced market research knowledge management programs.

Expansion of product suite beyond Scripting and Panels

1. Community Solutions via TolunaPanelPortal.

2. Real-time DUY Solutions via TolunaQuick.

3. Mobile Surveys via iPhone & iPad Apps.

4. Powerful scripting solutions & panel management via AutomateSurvey.

5. Online Ad Tracking capabilities via BrandSpector.

FREE TolunaAnalytics tool for more meaningful analysis and reporting of the data with all Full Service projects.

Online MR: 2012 – how are you gearing up for expansion in Asia Pacific?
James Rogers:

Adding experience and quality in all hires!

14 new operational heads locally (Hong Kong, Australia and Tokyo) including:

1. Regional Research & Operations Director joining Hong Kong HQ.

2. Asia Pacific Panel Operations relocated to Hong Kong.

3. Local Language Scripting joining Team Japan in Tokyo.

4. 2 Country Ops Delivery Leaders joining Australia and Hong Kong.

5. 3 further Senior Project Mangers covering local markets.

6. Technical Pre-Sales & Implementation Manager for Toluna PanelPortal.

Building on existing APAC centre of excellence in Gurgaon Ops.

Continued Investment in Quality Assurance team and standards.

Continued dedication in becoming the number one provider in Asia Pacific.

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Editor’s Note: I am neither an employee of Toluna nor have any kind of commercial affiliations with them. It has been my constant endeavor to create the best practices for the online panel industry. I have written this article because I firmly believe that Toluna is a great company and its achievements should be stated for others to be inspired!!!