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Is Panel Aggregation just an elaborate Ponzi scheme?

Today we are amidst a heated debate of proprietary panel v/s. panel aggregation – the lines have been drawn – the sides have been taken – the weapons sharpened – only if you have been living under a rock you would be unaware of the turmoil faced by the online panel industry. Someone has rightly […]

Interview with Mark Bergen – EVP, Sales at Vision Critical

Brief background of Mark Bergen: As EVP, Sales, Mark Bergen oversees Vision Critical’s worldwide sales effort involving teams in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK. Mark brings 15 years of sales experience and leadership to Vision Critical. Prior to joining Vision Critical in 2005, Mark spent time with various technology based companies including Colligo […]

Top 8 sentences used MOST frequently by FAKE Online Panel Companies

Ctrl C + Ctrl V -> the most commonly used technology by plagiarizers. Often while searching the internet and looking to enhance my knowledge about online panel industry I come across so many dubious and fake panel suppliers. It is very easy to identify such fake suppliers as with all criminals they follow similar modus […]

Interview with Hilary Fischer – COO, USA at ALL GLOBAL

Brief background of Hilary Fischer: Hilary Fischer serves as the COO for All Global’s North America business unit. In the years prior to joining All Global, Hilary held leadership positions at Kantar Health as Vice President of Global Operations and Compliance from 2008-2011 and at Ziment as Vice President of Research Operations from 2005-2008. Hilary […]

Top 20 Online Panel Companies with the BEST Designed & MOST Informative Websites

Your website is a summary of who you are as an organization. Not only it is a platform to know more about your services but also it defines your vision. I have always believed that your website is the best salesmen you never knew about – especially in today’s global village it becomes all the […]

Why Owners of Online Panel Companies MUST watch the movie ‘The Hunger Games’!!

Yesterday I watched the movie “The Hunger Games” and to put it in few words I was simply BLOWN AWAY!! It is after so many years that I have seen a movie which is not only entertaining but also have deep philosophical undertones. Watching the movie I realized how relevant it is for all business […]

Top 5 Reasons why YOU should outsource survey programming to Toluna!!

Many online panel companies claim to be ‘one stop shop solution’ but only a handful meet the criteria. In the online data collection industry very few companies have been able to provide the entire gamut of services. To become a full service provider there is a considerable investment you have to make on manpower, technology […]