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How to write a Business Plan for opening an Online Panel Company?

Most of the online panel companies opening up in recent times are AIMLESS!! They have no idea where they are going and how to overcome the challenges in their path. Before embarking upon your entrepreneurial journey you must create an effective business plan. A plan helps you in understanding the ‘TO DO’ action items in […]

5 Business Mantra I learnt from a Local Candy Store!!

Many of us pay a BOMB to get admission into MBA Colleges – to learn the nuances of management. But many a times it is at totally unexpected places we acquire the business knowledge. I do have a sweet tooth and every weekend it is MUST for me to cave into the cravings. During one […]

Interview with Terence McCarron – MD, North America at Cint AB

Brief background of Terence McCarron: Terence McCarron serves as the Managing Director for Cint’s North America business unit. During his career in multi-sector quantitative market research services, Terence has helped grow several leading global organizations while developing expertise across multiple methodologies. During the decade prior to joining Cint in 2010, McCarron held leadership positions with […]

Interview with Adam Portner – SVP, Client Development, Research Now

Brief Background of Adam Portner: It’s been quite a ride over my 20+ year career in the market research industry. My first exposure to this business came while I was attending business school at Boston University. My emphasis was in Marketing, and I’ve always been a statistics wonk, so taking a course in Market Research […]

Top 5 reasons Market Researchers DOUBT online data collection methodology!!

Socrates was executed primarily for bringing on the NEW IDEAS to a world living in shackles of the old beliefs and customs. Although in today’s modern society nobody meets such gruesome fate -nevertheless challenging old methods is no easy task. In comparison to other data collection methodologies – online is a new player. It is […]

5 QUICK ways to SPOT a FAKE Online Panel Company!!

Last week I chanced upon the DVD for the Hollywood movie “Catch me if you can” – although impressed by the theatrics of the protagonist it struck me as to how innovative thieves have become. No matter how many new tamper-proof technologies you introduce the thieves are one step ahead. One of the BIGGEST head […]

Interview with Adriana Rocha – CEO of eCGlobal Solutions

Brief background of Adriana Rocha: Adriana is co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions, a leading provider of innovative social media and technology based solutions for Consumer Insights. With over 17 years of experience in marketing, technology and market research, she is also co-founder of eCMetrics, one of the first Interactive Marketing Research Agencies in Latin […]

Interview with Richard Thornton – Global Sales & Operations Director, Direct Sales, Cint AB

Brief background of Richard Thornton: Richard has over 12 years of experience in consultancy, operations and commercial sales. He has held strategy positions within the research industry, building up a particular expertise in the online research sector. A BA Honours graduate in Human Resource Management and International Marketing, Richard started his career as a Research […]

Top 5 features online panel companies require from survey tools!!

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – “Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink”, I guess beautifully summarizes what full service online panel companies FACES now a days. With the bombardment of so many software tool vendors in the market it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right ones. Many a times […]

Interview with Leslie Townsend – President and Founder, Kinesis Survey Technologies

Brief Background of Leslie Townsend: Leslie has been a part of the MR industry as well as the wireless industry since 1979. She began her career conducting market research and engineering studies for cellular radio operators, as part of their application to the FCC for licensing. From there, she continued to consult with and provide […]