TOP 5 Survey Programming Tools you should know about!!

Online PanelsToday there are so many choices available in the market to choose from vis-à-vis survey programming tools that a buyer would get confused by the sheer enormity of it. Questionnaire designing is a very critical part of your research survey and a wrong choice would jeopardize your efforts. I have compiled a short list of popular survey programming tools online panel/market research companies could utilize and avail cutting edge technology available with them. The list is not necessarily ranked from 1-5 – you can consider all the tools mentioned here at par in terms of usability, scalability and best practices. The article gives a brief review of these survey programming tools and what makes them so good.


Confirmit is what Robert De Niro is to movie aficionados – A POWER HOUSE PERFORMER!!

I would probably require an entire separate article to write a eulogy ‘I love Confirmit’. I first came in contact with this awesome tool in January 2004 when I had just embarked upon my career in Online Panel Industry. The way Confirmit has become a market leader in survey research industry is amazing – based on very high end technology innovations.

Confirmit has always been ‘in touch’ with the requirements of its customers. You can come up with the CRAZIEST quota groups and Confirmit tool would implement it in just few clicks!!!

Built on the Microsoft.NET platform, Confirmit is endorsed by industry specialists and IT departments in global corporations and Market Research agencies, and has become the platform of choice for organizations conducting feedback and research programs around the world.

Some of the reasons I ALWAYS support Confirmit as the best survey tools:

1- Robust Scalable Platform.

2- Excellent Training Support.

3- Cutting edge technological innovations.

4- State of the art data security.

5- Can easily handle voluminous survey projects.

6- Unmatched detailed reporting tool features.

7- Easy Quota management.

8- Innumerable add-on features.

One small drawback however is that you need to be well versed with programming knowledge to fully utilize its immense arsenal of features.


Address: 330, Seventh Avenue, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10001, United States, Tel: +1 212 660 1800.

Why should you utilize their services: Well let us put it this way “Give me ONE reason why you should not utilize their services”? One word: AWESOME!!


Founded in 1992 Nebu has an interesting journey of becoming one of the dominant players in survey research tool industry. I have personally utilized Nebu software in one of my previous organizations to create panels as well as design questionnaires and have found it to be very user-friendly and feature loaded platform.

Dub InterViewer allows you to conduct surveys using different modes:

1- Web based surveys.

2- Telephone surveys.

3- Face to Face surveys.

Salient features of Dub InterViewer:

1- Simple & Fast survey creation facility.

2- Users can dig into the ‘pre-designed’ survey templates.

3- Supports multilingual surveys.

4- Multi-mode data collection platform.

5- Flexible as well as scalable.

6- Robust database management.

Dub Knowledge is an advanced panel management tool. Some of its salient features are:

1- It is a web based panel management platform.

2- Based on cutting edge innovative technology.

3- Can easily support voluminous panel base.

4- Seamless integration with Dub InterViewer.

5- Can create custom reports on panel members.

In case you are looking for a complete affordable solution – NEBU is highly recommendable!!


Address: Assum 16a, 1911 ML Uitgeest, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 251 311 413

Why should you utilize their services: One word: ALLROUNDER!!!


One word: ‘GAME CHANGER’!!

SM is one of the world’s leading providers of web based survey solution. It is SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE and has literally introduced the word ‘DIY surveys’ in the market.

The reason customers LOVE Survey Monkey is its ease of use. The results are fast and even a person with no programming skills can quickly design a survey and get started. For small business owners with limited or non-existent research budget – SM came into the market as a game changer. I have personally met few small enterprises that were able to get good insights on their target customers by utilizing Survey Monkey tool.

Some of the salient features of Survey Monkey:

1- Ask unlimited questions.

2- Your own branded survey.

3- Customized themes.

4- Pre-set visual themes.

5- Survey invitation can be sent via: weblink, email or twitter.

6- Embed your survey into a page or on your website.

7- Effective email management feature.

8- Enhanced Security (SSL).

9- Cross Tabulation.

10- Share your responses.

If you are looking for an effective ‘easy on your pocket’ tool – Survey Monkey is the best in the market.


Address: California Office,, LLC, 285 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 500, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Why should you utilize their services: EASY to USE loaded with features DIY survey tool.


3 words which separates Zoomerang from the crowd – EASY, FAST & FLEXIBLE!!!

It is truly a ‘one stop shop solution’ for all your survey needs from creating an interactive questionnaire to sourcing a thriving active panel community – Zoomerang provides it all under one roof.

How it is helping researchers or entrepreneurs? – it EMPOWERS them to design questionnaires without touching a line of code.

Survey programming features:

1- You can create unlimited, fast, easy surveys and polls.

2- You can send your survey via multiple channels like email, web and social media.

3- Robust real time reporting via charts and analytics.

4- You can also share your survey results or you can keep them private – the choice is all yours.

5- Personal branding is enabled on all the surveys you create.

6- Advanced quota management system in place.

7- You can use their FREE version before committing anything.

Panel sourcing solution:

1- Gain access to more than 2 million opted-in respondents for your survey.

2- Some of the target groups you can reach – IT professionals, Pet owners, Moms, High Income Group, Young audience.

3- Competitive pricing for the sample.

4- Highly profiled respondent base.


Address: Zoomerang, a SurveyMonkey business, 285 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 500, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Why should you utilize their services: Simplicity is at core of their tool but haven’t compromised on the functionality or usability.


The company was founded in 2003 and has been in the forefront of new technology development in the area of survey programming. The survey tools in its arsenal offer ease of use and competitive return on investment. Kinesis helps create an ‘engagement’ with your respondents via use of integrated flash, drag and drop functionality, and other interactive question types, resulting in increased completion rates, more rapid survey fills, and lower project completion costs.

Tools on the offer are:

Kinesis Survey is one of the leading solutions for the mobile ad testing along with many other types of browser based research on mobile devices. It provides advanced survey functionality in conjunction with a robust real time reporting tools. Kinesis has invested heavily in developing innovative tools serving both mobile and web research.

Kinesis Panel is one of the best tools available for panel management with its advanced panel management features. It is able to support a growing panel base and provides effective checks and balances to create an updated and active panel community.

Kinesis Community is a great tool for creating a thriving web based panel community. It has quite interesting advanced features which enables administrators to provide an interactive environment to the community members.


Address: Headquarters / Austin, 8140 North MoPac, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78759, USA, phone: 512 590 8300

Why should you utilize their services: Awesome features loaded mobile survey solutions!! Plus a good panel management solution.

Editor’s Note: There are many other good survey research tools in the market but not all can be mentioned in a single article. We also do product/service review and in case you are interested you can contact us –


  1. Raman Nambiar says:

    Why did you not include SPSS in your list? I thought it was a very good tool to program surveys. Add to it the powerful reporting features and it is a good product in the market.

    • @ Raman as I have mentioned it is a quick short list – in the future I would probably be coming up with a more exhaustive list.

  2. Shawn Syring says:

    I would hope that when you do complete a more exhaustive list you would include Voxco. They provide multichannel data collecting software as well as social media monitoring… Their new Acuity4 products certainly are a MUST! Flexible and robust!

    • Sure Shawn! It was easier for me to create this list quickly as I have personally used the tools mentioned. Nevertheless would be glad to connect with Voxco’s team to better understand their service offerings.

  3. Sounds good!!! I like that you are open to seeing other tools. Thank you.

  4. Ulrike Preiss says:

    Would be great if you could also include QuestBack, former know as Globalpark. They are the marketleader for programming tools in D,A,CH and as far as I know in UK as well. They do have a “Master” Version and smaller one for universities called unipark. If you like to learn more about, here you go for the websites

    • Much appreciate your feedback Ulrike! – I would be glad to add them in the next exhaustive list!

  5. Greg Timpany says:

    Having used several of those tools I would also add Cvent and Vision Critical for larger panel deployments.

  6. @onlinemr Conisder Qualtrics too.

  7. Ravi Chahal says:

    @Akshay, I like your review. I see people requesting for other tools as well. But you are pretty right about confirmit. Those who haven’t tried confirmit really doesn’t know the power of it. Its not because I am regular user but I have tried many others. When it comes to the performance while handling the complexEST of the surveys with amazing UI and custom capabilities, then its Confirmit which delivers the best. Downside is COST :( Confirmit can take on with any other tool by reducing costs.. its too expensive for small companies.

    • onlinemr says:

      Much appreciate your feedback Ravi!

    • chandra sheker says:

      Yes Ravi, I agree with you. Some of members are asking the flash tools for survey UI. If you start importing flash tools into ConfirmIT, your company revenue will incremented.

  8. Based on the top 3 in your list I would suggest looking at WorldApp’s platform Key Survey.

    Simple survey creation and in addition to the advanced features you expect from a high-end survey tool (advanced logic, piping, randomization, etc.), Key Survey is equipped with tabbed surveys for easier respondent navigation, score calculations, logical CSS for custom styling, and predictive text input. The flexible API allows for unique customization to maintain consistency across all facets of your business. The Panel Management tool allows you to manage your respondent lists within Key Survey through automatic synchronization, manual entry or a little bit of both. Research panels can be monitored for health using a scoring system based on recent activity. In addition to standard profile data, filter your invites based on previous survey responses. With the Panel management solution you can leverage known respondents’ survey habits, previous responses and data from external systems to create shorter, more relevant surveys. All this and more at a cost effective price!

    Worth looking at!!!!!

  9. I personally find the best survey tool on the web.

    Really nice interface which is easy to use, professional features and inexpensive.

  10. If you are looking for a full service online programming service, contact They use an awesome industry leading software and are competitively priced. It is typically to robust for the average consumer, but has endless possibilities.

  11. I tried couple of survey tools myself and found to be the best.Top notch web based survey tool.The best thing is the support that they provide even for FREE customers.Their Rules & Alert and Merge Survey Features are the best I have ever seen in any survey tool.

  12. Ravikiran says:

    I have been using GlobalPark tool and recommend it for its salient features. Good opt for a novice to deal with because of its simplicity.

  13. Kenneth Gidson says:

    I have been doing survey from a long time. Used all possible tools available, but I think and are the best available options. Highly recommended!

  14. Yama Plos says:

    my short list:
    Sawtooth SSI

    • Nicolas says:

      I would add Datafield mobile survey tool which is also a very strong player and their pricing is very aggressive.

  15. I use SoGoSurvey and am highly recommending it to others who are searching for a good Survey Tool to reach out to them and give a try as they provide great features and their best reports.

  16. I was looking for a polling option that allows links to page in the answer section i tried and my problem was sorted. Otherwise i prefer Survey Monkey and Fluid Survey.

  17. is another great survey tool. I’ve been using them for about a month now and they offer an awful lot for very little price wise.