Top 5 Online Panel Companies in Asia You Should Buy Samples From

online panelsI was having discussions with some of my acquaintances in the market research domain and the question popped up – Is there any list of good online panel companies researchers can refer to? It got me thinking!! Having been in the panel industry for quite some time why not with my experiences create a list of AWESOME online panel companies which are doing excellent work in this domain. The list is not necessarily ranked from 1-5 – you can consider all the panel companies mentioned here at par in terms of quality and excellent delivery system. The article gives a brief review of the online panel companies and what makes them so good.


Without an IOTA of doubt – one of the largest online panel companies of the world. RN is the GOTO Company for all your online panel needs. It is ‘one stop shop solution’ provider in true sense with panel reach spread across globally and in multiple industry verticals.

RN’s mammoth range of services includes: Tracking studies, Multi-country studies, IHUT recruiting, Phone Recruiting, Mosaic segmentation to name a few.

Very few companies have the distinction of being not just a service but also a product based provider in the online research domain. Some of the interesting and innovative products present in RN’s arsenals are: Smartphone App, OmniTaxi & Hybrid Interviewing.

Company Website:

Founded: 2000 by Chris Havemann and Andrew Cooper.

Panel Reach: 35+ countries comprising of over 6 million highly engaged respondents.

Why you should buy samples from them: Few other panel companies can match the enormous reach of RN’s respondent base. Research Now invests heavily in people and process!!


One of the oldest homegrown online panel companies in Asia – AIP symbolizes the vibrant & historical face of Asia!

One of the first online panel companies to offer panels in Asia to international clients. AIP possess more than a decade long experience of building panels in this region. This experience has helped them to understand the various facets of the Asian market. One of the biggest plus point for AIP is having a multi-national/lingual specialists who are fully capable of conducting online research fieldwork in this region.

Company Website:

Founded: 1997; President – Hidefumi Watanabe.

Panel Reach: All major geographies.

Why you should buy samples from them: Pioneers in the Asian region for developing quality online panels. AIP possess an IN-Depth understanding of the multicultural & multiracial Asian market.


Another BIGGIE!! Like Research Now – from humble beginnings they have become a force to reckon with. Global presence aptly supported by their 17 offices across all the major geographies. In 2009 they acquired Greenfield Online & CIAO Surveys – complementing their traditional strength in European region with major foray into US, Canada & Asia Pacific markets.

Interesting array of services – Toluna is more than just online samples with innovative products like – PanelPortal, AutomateSurvey, BrandSpector & QuickSurveys to name a few.

Company Website:

Founded: 2000

Panel Reach: 34 proprietary panels worldwide.

Why you should buy samples from them: One of the most technologically advanced Panel Company. Highly engaged panel members plus highly skilled work force makes Toluna a dominant player in the panel business.


One of the fastest growing panel companies in the Asian region. Their success story has been nothing short of a miracle. One of the earlier adapters –Pulse Group realized the importance of online research fieldwork in the Asian research markets.

PG’s strength lies predominantly on 2 factors – Local Skilled Employees who fully understand the market nuances and secondly a complete solution with PANELS – CATI – QUAL!!

Led by one of the most charismatic entrepreneur of the region – Bob Chua – Pulse group is one of the panel companies to seek out for your online fieldwork needs.

Company Website:

Founded: 2005 by Bob Chua.

Panel Reach: All major countries in the APAC region.

Why you should buy samples from them: Highly skilled staff coupled with a vibrant panel community.


It is a fully-owned subsidiary of VOYAGE GROUP, Inc. with a very rich experience in conducting internet surveys in Japanese, Chinese & Korean markets. RPA is one of the upcoming dominant players in this region – providing highly engaged online panels for research studies. They focus heavily on their panel quality management which directly relates to their superior client service capabilities.

Company Website:

Founded: 2009

Panel Reach: Japan, China & South Korea also 10+ other APAC countries through partner network.

Why you should buy samples from them: Highly engaged panel members and AWESOME client servicing team.

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three – Akshay Kanyal


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