HOW to convert LINKEDIN into a SALES generating MACHINE!!!

ONLINE PANELSThe biggest problem faced by today’s SALESMEN is how to capture the attention of the FICKLE MINDED clients/customers on internet – which is the biggest source of LEADS in this GLOBAL VILLAGE. With a major chunk of businesses being searched over internet – the very survival of many companies depend upon the brand imagery they create over the internet. Internet world is cruel and unforgiving in the sense that it takes just A CLICK to ignore your business and MOVE ON!! The article illustrates TOP 5 WAYS how LinkedIn can be converted into a potential lead generating machine!


I am literally SHOCKED by the fact that LinkedIn being a professional networking portal many business owners & sales professionals mistake it to be a FACEBOOK!!

Facebook is personal in nature it’s like talking to your best buddy but not LinkedIn – which is like giving a sales pitch to a potential investor. Until and unless you look like a TIGER or TOM CRUISE or an INVISIBLE MAN – put an authentic photo on your LinkedIn profile page.

The biggest challenge for internet medium is to ascertain the authenticity of the person with whom you are doing business and by putting up a fake profile picture you aren’t helping much.

Ideally you should snap some good profile pictures through a professional photographer. In case that is not possible you should upload a decent picture where your face is clearly visible.

Some business owners have the habit of putting their company logo as their profile picture. Now this has 2 issues – firstly PROFILE PICTURE means how you look like and I am sure you don’t look like your company logo. Secondly such a method is too obvious and obnoxious way of promoting your company – it will do more harm than good.


I am yet to ascertain that why more than 70% of LinkedIn profile pages are incomplete with details. I mean would you ever give an incomplete or half-hearted sales pitch to your potential clients – I guess NEVER!!!

If I see an incomplete profile I assume the person is not meticulous enough and would abandon the project midway before completion!! – This is what brand imagery you are actually conveying to your potential clients or even recruiters.

LinkedIn has an interesting feature where at the top it shows how much profile you have completed in percentage form. It makes easier for people to know how much details are yet to be filled by them.

A small example of its importance I would like to share – on this blog 3rd most visited page is ABOUT ME – now you can understand how much critical it is to complete your profile.

Over the internet people want to know with WHOM they are buying services/products before understanding WHAT is being offered. So it becomes IMPERATIVE to complete your LinkedIn profile page.


In the recent times some misguided business owners are spamming the LinkedIn groups with their company’s sales pitch. TRUST ME – IT NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WORKS!!

On the contrary it creates such bad brand imagery for your company that whatever little hope was there for you to get business from LinkedIn has evaporated like ether!! Interestingly there is a ‘PROMOTIONS’ tab in all LinkedIn groups which can be utilized for making your sales pitch via some kind of promotional campaign you are running.

Don’t put your sales pitch under ‘DISCUSSIONS’ tab.

Many business owners also have the misguided habit of asking for business over group discussions – although there is nothing wrong in practice if someone has categorically asked for your services but that too should be dealt professionally.

In case someone has asked for a service that you are offering – just politely give them a short sales pitch and take the discussion offline.


I think creating a LinkedIn group has picked up pace in the recent times with professionals creating a same-interest LinkedIn group. A LinkedIn group offers the owners immense opportunities to network with the members. Every week you can send an ‘ANNOUNCEMENT’ mail to all your group members.

Although I would like to caution that the group feature should be utilized to connect with the like minded professionals and not to just MILK OUT leads from it. There are few business owners who create a group under the company name.

I am not too much of a fan as it limits people interested in joining your group and also because people are vary of the fact that a company group will be all about the company. Create a group with a generic interest so as to attract a wide range of audience.

Like the way I have created ONLINE MR group on LinkedIn where all online research professionals can come and network with each other.

The next step of evolution for your LinkedIn group is having its own website – the same way I have created Online MR website – to cater to a wider audience with features not available with LinkedIn groups!!


Someone has beautifully quoted that “IT IS NOT IMPORTANT WHAT YOU KNOW…..BUT WHOM YOU KNOW”!!

I believe that LinkedIn is the world’s best networking platform and every business owner should utilize it fully to maximize their business outputs. Use it judiciously and intelligently to harness the power of internet. Understanding the features and functionality is a must before using LinkedIn.

You should use the premium features of LinkedIn like the ‘InMail’ feature via which you can make your sales pitch to your potential clients.

LinkedIn is all about NETWORKING – so utilize it thoroughly and make it your best sales generating machine!!!

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three – Akshay Kanyal