Why your WEBSITE is the BEST SALESMAN you never KNEW?

online panelYour sales team is the FIRST POINT of CONTACT of your company – they can MAKE or BREAK your future prospect with potential clients!! I think we all will agree to this fact. Bigger companies have the MONEY POWER to hire STAR PERFORMERS – they can close a million dollar deal before you even finish reading this article!! But what about small & mid-size companies – they are many times plagued by sub-standard sales team – resulting in losses and prompting their founders to JUMP into the fray themselves. The article illustrates why you should convert your website into a SALES CLOSURE MACHINE!!


There is a very HIGH PROBABILITY that your client will first come across your company when they visit your website. It almost SHOCKS me looking at the websites of new online panel companies – most of them severely lack IMAGINATION & INFORMATION. Most of the Client Vendor Managers will decide within 5-8 seconds whether they intend to hire your services by looking at your website.

This is how you can convert the first client’s visit to a potential lead:

1- Break the monotony – avoid standard “Home, About Us, Contact” design – be imaginative!!

2- Upload white papers & case studies.

3- Should show genuine references prominently.

4- Your website should be easily navigable.

5- At every page you should have “How to contact me” information.

6- Website colors should be easy on eyes.

7- Clearly mention the profile of the management team in ‘ABOUT US’.

8- Must have a section clearly defining the USP of your company.

9- Ideally should have a LIVE CHAT facility.

10- DIRECT your visitors to your contact us form.

Ask yourself!! How many leads you have created via your website – if you are searching for an appropriate answer it means your website is a cost center and not a PROFIT CENTER!!



Today people literally hate the idea of being sold to a product or service. We are so used to being presented with a plethora of choices that we deem it fit to select as we wish to. Traditional sales people somehow SHOVE services and products to clients – but not with a website.

Visitors get ample amount of time to navigate around your website – analyzing your services and then making a conscious decision to contact you for services/products displayed.

Website is non-intrusive in nature and they don’t push you for buying services. A professional website will have “PULL EFFECT” on your potential clients and have a lasting positive first experience.

REASON 3: OPERATES 24/7 & 365 DAYS!!

Some of the business owners I have the opportunity to talk to have a very pressing problemSALES TEAM ATTRITION RATE!!

No matter how good the perks are sales people tend to change jobs frequently. Every time a sales person leaves the company they take away key clients along with them. Imagine the plight of a business owner who has invested in the operation team but one fine day realizes the client has moved along with the sales person!!

A website is a SLAVE which every MASTER dreams of. Here is the reason why:

1- Your website won’t resign for a better salary package of your competitor.

2- Your website never asks for promotion/incentives/perks.

3- Your website doesn’t require medical insurance.

4- Your website creates a long lasting bond with your clients.

5- Your website is the BEST PR manager who does sales too.

You can passively generate and nurture sales from your website even on weekends!!


Internet has changed the very face of how business is conducted globally. It has created new avenues of potential business opportunities.

Today a small business owner in India can think of selling his products/services to a client in Finland – your website is what makes it possible!!

Your potential clients may be residing in different geographies and probably you will never meet them face to face – the only and most prominent interaction they will have is with your website.

Therefore it is imperative to create a user-friendly and informative website.


As we grow up our capacity to learn new things and CHANGE diminishes rapidly. It is very difficult to teach old dog new tricks!! Market scenario changes rapidly and if a company doesn’t EVOLVE it is headed for disaster.

Your first line of offence is your sales team – many a times they are not willing to accept a new idea or change their outlook towards a breakthrough lead generation process. It is some time difficult for companies to change traditional attitudes –but not with your website.

You can change & modify your website with few clicks of a button!! It is seamless and less headache for management.

Suppose you have a new product or service and you require it to go live ASAP – probably by the time you teach your sales team it might be a bit late.

You can simply create a self explanatory demo on your website and start collecting potential leads.

Your sales team is irreplaceable but you cannot afford to ignore one of the most potential sales executive in your team – YOUR WEBSITE!!!

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three – Akshay Kanyal