Interview with Matthias Pleyer from MVF Global!

online panelBrief background of Matthias Pleyer:

Matthias is a multi-lingual marketing specialist with particular interest in the German & English speaking markets. His educational background is in Media, Communication & Literature undertaken at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and University of Vienna (Austria). After experience as Media Planner in Vienna, he has moved to London, where he has been with MVF Global for past 2.5 years.

Online MR: Can you briefly summarize as to what MVF Global does?

Matthias Pleyer: MVF Global are generating leads in a variety of fields, including Green Energy, office equipment, and recruitment for online panels. Initially, recruitment for panels was just a side project for us in the UK and Germany – but this part of our business has grown fast, and we are now recruiting in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Online MR: What are the services currently being provided by your company?

Matthias Pleyer: In the field of panel recruitment, we give our best to recruit large volumes or hard to reach demographics in short time frames – and at competitive rates. Our international campaigns are very powerful, and we pride ourselves on delivering over-average quality panelists.

We know that for panel owners responsiveness is critical, so we perform ongoing analysis about the responsiveness of different streams of our traffic.

Online MR: Who are your primary target clients?

Matthias Pleyer: International online research companies, but also owners of large national panels.

Online MR: In which countries you are providing panel recruitment services?

Matthias Pleyer: We currently cover most countries in Europe, and also the biggest countries in America, South America and Asia (see the full list below). We are always looking to start recruitment in new countries; that’s something we have almost specialized in over the past years.

As soon as one of our clients has strong demand in a certain country, we will consider starting recruitment there.

The full list of countries:

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and Switzerland.

Asia: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey.

America: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA.

Africa: South Africa.

Online MR: In general how much does it cost to recruit a gen pop panel?

Matthias Pleyer: Well the cost of a panel will vary hugely, depending on the size.

The price for one panelist though will vary between $1.00 and $35.00 – this depends on the local cost of traffic, the type of panel, the sign-up process, the type and amount of information that the panelist has to provide.

There are also some campaigns that require a software download onto a computer or mobile phone. This is the upper end though. Most common are regular panel sign-ups in the region of $1.00 to $5.00.

Online MR: Can you help in recruiting specialist panel? If so what types of respondents?

Matthias Pleyer: We have experience in some niches we were approached for – students, moms, and pregnant women. We are open to try more in this space though.

Online MR: Can you provide assistance if I need to recruit a very large batch of respondents?

Matthias Pleyer: Absolutely. We are known for recruiting large volumes of quality panelists in short time frames. All we need is usually the clients advertising material, look at the sign-up process, and we can start most new campaigns within 48 hours.

Online MR: Do you use 3rd party or your own proprietary sites to recruit respondents?

Matthias Pleyer: We just use our own proprietaries, which we advertise on a very varied and well optimized selection of traffic streams. In-house, we have a wealth of digital marketing experience plus a team of linguists, who make sure we use the right words and speak in the right tone in all the different languages.

Online MR: What methodology do you apply to recruit respondents?

Matthias Pleyer: Generally, we just use all the material and messages that panels themselves are using. There is no point in incentivizing a sign-up or over-selling a client’s panel – this will only result in poor responsiveness, which we are trying to avoid. So being truthful in our messages is key.

Together with the experience and insights that we also take from our other lead generation divisions, this is a powerful combination.

Online MR: Can you share some interesting campaign that you have run in the past?

Matthias Pleyer: Well exotic languages are always interesting for us, because it is a chance for us to learn something about a whole country, their people, and their online behavior. I am thinking of recruitment in Finland, Hungary or some of the Asian countries. On a campaign level, I recall a campaign that involved research around toilet paper and kitchen towels in Russia. A funny campaign, now our Russian translator is pretty savvy in this field…

Online MR: What are your payment modes?

Matthias Pleyer: In 95% of cases it is pay per double opt-in. The last 5% is perhaps pay per software download. We have looked into cost per survey complete as well, however couldn’t see it working. With cost per survey complete, there are too many variables which are out of our hand: number, length and quality of surveys on the client’s side, even technical downtime … these are all risks that we cannot take, because we have our media expenses in any case.

Online MR: What are the campaign requirements for working with you?

Matthias Pleyer: An attractive panel that offers a good user experience and has an easy, simple sign-up process. Good marketing material will definitely help, including a great landing page.

Online MR: Whom should I contact if I want to utilize MVF Global services?

Matthias Pleyer: You can contact me directly under 020 – 7428 7417 or my colleague Samairah Choudahary under 020 – 7428 3249. You can send us an email at or also find us on LinkedIn.

Online MR: What are your future plans for the company?

Matthias Pleyer: MVF are a global lead generation platform, so we will continue to expand into more industries and into more countries in 2012. In terms of panel recruitment, we will continue working on panelist quality and volumes in a number of key markets. Also, we will happily enter some new countries this year, if clients request it…

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