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Top 5 reasons why online panel industry needs a SUPERSTAR!!!

Quick test: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear these words – CHESS, FOOTBALL, COMPUTERS, PAINTING, and ENTREPRENEURSHIP – I guess – Gary Kasparov, Pele, Steve Jobs, Picasso, and Richard Branson. Now think of the word ‘Online Panels’ does it rings someone names? I guess not!! Every industry needs […]

Top 5 ‘must have’ QUALITIES required in your ‘Offshore Team Head’!!!

Many online panel companies have opened up their offices in India – especially to leverage immense tech-talent available in this market. But in recent times with rampant attrition and low quality programming creeping in many of the online panel companies are rethinking this decision. I believe the solution is to understand and then properly identify […]

TOP 5 Survey Programming Tools you should know about!!

Today there are so many choices available in the market to choose from vis-à-vis survey programming tools that a buyer would get confused by the sheer enormity of it. Questionnaire designing is a very critical part of your research survey and a wrong choice would jeopardize your efforts. I have compiled a short list of […]

Interview with Jason Buchanan – MD Asia Pacific, Survey Sampling International

Brief Background of Jason Buchanan: “I have been exceptionally fortunate with my career so far, and on reflection I have loved every minute of it. After completing my Business Degree at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, I have managed to squeeze in several mini-careers that have in some way contributed to the […]

Panel Aggregation: The DARK side of the online panel business!!

In recent times I have seen mushrooming of the ‘GLOBAL PANEL COMPANIES’ which are nothing more than 2-3 person team with a shabbily accumulated vendor list and no credential to boast about. With changing times it becomes imperative to understand what really panel aggregation is and how some of these vendors are RUINING your research […]

Top 5 FORUMS every Online Panel Company SHOULD JOIN!!

BIGGEST problem which a niche industry like online fieldwork faces is the avenues for networking!! Young entrepreneurs also face the challenging task of understanding and implementing best practices of the industry. So I have compiled a short list of organizations/forums online panel companies should join and avail tremendous networking opportunities available with them. The list […]

Top 5 Online Panel Companies in Asia You Should Buy Samples From

I was having discussions with some of my acquaintances in the market research domain and the question popped up – Is there any list of good online panel companies researchers can refer to? It got me thinking!! Having been in the panel industry for quite some time why not with my experiences create a list […]

What Online Panel Companies can LEARN from STEVE JOBS?

In between February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011 lived a WIZARD on Planet Earth who was called by the name Steve Jobs!! I think this article would fall short of words to describe this visionary who changed the way we do business. His life was nothing short of a BOLLYWOOD pot boiler and for […]

HOW to convert LINKEDIN into a SALES generating MACHINE!!!

The biggest problem faced by today’s SALESMEN is how to capture the attention of the FICKLE MINDED clients/customers on internet – which is the biggest source of LEADS in this GLOBAL VILLAGE. With a major chunk of businesses being searched over internet – the very survival of many companies depend upon the brand imagery they […]

Secrets of building an online panel company – PART 2

This is a series which I have started to help budding entrepreneurs interested in building their own panel company. In the second part of the series I thought of looking at the challenges an entrepreneur faces in opening an online panel business. The current article illustrates 5 BIGGEST CHALLENGES that you must be fully aware […]