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Get Rid of LOW RESPONSE RATE Once and For All!!

One of the MOST rampant problems faced by a panel company is their DECLINING RESPONSE RATE. The HONEYMOON PERIOD of a good response rate normally lasts for not more than 2-3 months for a freshly recruited panel base. Contrary to popular beliefs – panel recruitment is a VERY COSTLY exercise; therefore it is a virtual […]

5 Tips for Writing Translation Friendly Surveys by Brenna Mulvaney

Are your surveys ready to be globalized? As the world becomes more flat, make sure you are following these cost-efficient procedures before sending your survey to a translator or languages services provider (LSP).

Secrets of building an online panel company – PART 1

This is a series which I have started to help budding entrepreneurs interested in building their own panel company. Like all businesses – Panel Business needs a thorough preparation before jumping into the fray. The current article illustrates the basic evaluation parameters to create an effective BUSINESS PLAN. It is not easy to open a […]

Top 5 reasons why you are not getting enough panel projects?

Last week I was talking to one of my old colleagues who has started a panel company. The topic drifted to a current problem he is facing – despite his sincere efforts he is not getting enough panel business, where as some of his competitors seems to be having a flourishing business. After a due […]

It’s Raining Online Panel Companies everywhere!!!

Cut through the NOISE!!! In the past few years online panel companies have mushroomed across Asia Pacific region. The situation is even worse in countries like India where we have such companies sprouting up dime a dozen. What are the challenges for established companies? How can an upcoming genuine player cut through the cacophony? What […]

Why SHOULD you outsource Survey Programming to India???

Deal worth every penny!!! In the recent decade survey programming outsourcing has increased multifold to Asia Pacific region with countries like India being the hottest hub for the same. Many internal & external factors can be contributed to this surge of companies setting up offices in India as well as outsourcing their survey programming needs […]

Incentivize….DON’T Bribe Panel respondents!

Getting HOLD of those cheaters!! Billion dollar decisions rest on the insights provided by market research companies. There is no room for error!! – imagine a clever college going kid giving opinions about a critical medical equipment…Blasphemy!!!. The panel incentives should motivate and not instigate respondents to state their opinions. After all your research is […]

Survey Research is no ELIXIR!!

ONE SIZE FITS ALL!! One of the most intriguing aspect of my stint as a sales professional (selling online panels) has been rampant misconceptions amongst even the most senior level researchers. Although it is universally acknowledged that research is moving towards a digital platform from the traditional pen and paper model, it can also not […]

Get Rid of FAKE RESPONDENTS Once and For All!!!

Catch them and Save your survey!! Do you really know who EXACTLY is filing up your online survey? The question probably haunts every researcher with no surety of the elusive solution. The very EXISTENCE of access panel industry depends upon how AUTHENTIC the respondents are in the panel base. One of the biggest reasons for […]